US plans troop withdrawals to start in a month.

Doesn't surprise me. The Americans had been hoping to draw down the troop numbers for quite some time now. Ultimately,it's a matter not so much of a cracking resolve, as that of numbers. The Guard and Reserves are being used up. Under the current legal environment, they go once, and that's it. Given that about a half of the troops in Iraq are reservists, it's a resource fast being depleted.
If the worst comes to the worst, the President can sign another executive order, and send everybody around for a second tour, but that would be politically unacceptable.

As I have said before several times on this board Bush has to have the Guard and the Resevists home well before the next year elections for the house.
That is all that needs be said on the subject the rest it is Bull, Gob, Verbal Dihooloha.
I will stick with what I have said before King George promised the Kurds their own land, Turkey's payoff is entry to Europe.
Whats left ?
Sh1t IMHO, The south will team up with Iran and the the centre Sunnis will be OBL's new recruiting ground.
Well done Georgei Boy oh and give ya dog a pat Dear Leader will slowly see what a bag of worms he's opened.
The Pentagon refused to confirm the proposals last night but a senior Ministry of Defence source said they appeared to “match our own plans” for a phased withdrawal under which most British troops will have left Iraq by the end of 2006.
We have plans existing for troop withdrawls by the end of 2006? Why have Dr. McNasty and the little Drummer Boy not announced these in great triumph?

Could it be, because they were fastballed?
Another take on this story is here.

It seems there are a lot of angry folks out there...

During last year's presidential election, Bush was a regular visitor to Ohio. It was a key state and in the end victory there handed him his second term.

'He came here when he needed votes,' Peggy Logue tells us as the family prepares to go to Lima Company's homecoming to be reunited with their son, Mike. 'When the marines were killed, there was no sign of him and if he should come now I'd be sickened. Does he think we give up our young so cheaply? He wasn't here for the death and the pain, why should he be here for the glory?'
jonwilly said:
As I have said before several times on this board Bush has to have the Guard and the Resevists home well before the next year elections for the house.
That all depends on how much more of a megalomaniac he becomes: he has no more elections to fight for personal gain, he must know that his first term popularity was based on a nation's reaction to a horrific act of terrorism and that his personal ratings are sinking rapidly, so what does he have to lose by going all out for an attempt to finish his presidency on a blaze of glory? I'm not excluding the possibility of him chucking a nuke at Tehran as a parting "Up yours!" 8O

This is the next rotation for OIF which was announced on 7 Nov. Some 92,000 troops are involved. There are plans to raise this deployment depending on the security situation. This level of deployment will ease OPTEMPO. I suspect that by 07 OIF will be in the 60- 90,000 range. By 07 it is expected that the Iraqi security forces will be over 300,000. As unit deployments go down we should continue to see advisors assigned to Iraqi units.

The use of reservists to augment the active force is the result of a drawdown from our former 18 division structure to the present 10. Reliance on the reserve components will continue in the future to one degree or another because the RC have military skills that are either not in the active force or in very small number. So when large deployments are required the RC have to be mobilized to support the active force. Under the present reorganization plan the active force will overcome that short coming.

The National Guard will continue to be mobilized for CONUS missions - airbase security, training recruits, support missions that would free up active units for deployments and probably border security.

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