US plans to invade Canada to defeat Great Britain

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by armchair_jihad, Dec 30, 2005.

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  1. Very interesting article concerning US mil plans concerning our goodselves from the thirties

    -'In the event of war, the American planners figured that England would use Canada -- then a quasi-pseudo-semi-independent British dominion -- as a launching pad for "a direct invasion of BLUE (US) territory." That invasion might come overland, with British and Canadian troops attacking Buffalo, Detroit and Albany. Or it might come by sea, with amphibious landings on various American beaches -- including Rehoboth and Ocean City, both of which were identified by the planners as "excellent" sites for a Brit beachhead.'

    plus such gems as --

    'The planners anticipated a war "of long duration" because "the RED (British) race" is "more or less phlegmatic" but "noted for its ability to fight to a finish." Also, the Brits could be reinforced by "colored" troops from their colonies: "Some of the colored races however come of good fighting stock, and, under white leadership, can be made into very efficient troops." '
  2. also - 'Any invasion of Canada by U.S. forces shouldn't underestimate the legendary Royal Canadian Mounted Police.'
  3. Sweet. Take CBRN factors out of it and it would be an interesting Hyperthetical battle if set in the 70's instead. Adds a little modern soldier kit to the mixer. Better Tanks APC's etc
  4. or an interesting Hyperthetical battle if set in the 30's
  5. Nah. The 30's would rule out the classic tashes, side burns and a little modern technology to make things a little tastier.

    & also 3 PARA Mortars could re-role to 16 Bde's **** Rape Platoon but seeing as this isnt the naffi i will leave the immaturity at that.

    With Reference to the 30's I wonder what had them so rattled about us. We were skint.
  6. armchair_jihad.

    Haha What a funny user name. Well done Dude!
  7. well although skint the Empire was the worlds largest trade block, the US army, Navy etc of the day was no real match for her Brittanic Majestys lads
  8. Thats fair to say but i dont think we had motive or the ability to mobilise what we had against them. Something must have had them paranoid other than that. Maybe the possibility of us teaming up with Rudolph Hit-her scared them.
  9. Since when have the spams needed a sensible, well thought out reason to play the tourist
  10. Very True!
  11. But what do you think of the Canadians plan to retreat up north and dole out a 1812 road to Moscow experience? How good are Texans at -50?
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Nowt wrong with planning - doesn't mean you anticipate it happening - I don't suppose we anticipate the Frogs launching an attack - but I hope we have a plan to deal with it if they do!
  13. Good point sknn, concerning the frogs I hope we have at least one given their ability to sidewinder like a vasilined eel
  14. I've heard a similar scenario discussed but based late '50's / Early '60's.

    Hypothetical nuclear exchange between the Septics and the Reds leading to Europe , led by the Brits, attempting to establish dominion over the U.S. in an effort to prevent further contaminating exchanges....

    It's also alleged that the U.S SIOP (Single Integrated Operating Plan), the "playbook" for a nuclear war took in some truly bizarre hypothetical situations at various times.
  15. I read somewhere that the US considered a war with us in the 1890's after a border dispute involving British Honduros. The head of the US Navy (Adml Mahon?) talked the then president out of it on the grounds that they were heading for a maritime armageddon after which the Royal Navy would wander the eastern seaboard at will demolishing New York, Miami, Boston etc from a mile of shore.

    When Kipling vistied San Fransico at about the same time he wrote that the harbour fortifications would fall within hours of the arrival of the Hong Kong Squadron, those were the days.