"US plans army kit allowance" - UK MoD comment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. US plans army kit allowance

    IAN BRUCE January 31 2006

    American congressmen are trying to introduce legislation that would allow US soldiers to customise some of their basic combat kit instead of wearing standard issue gear.

    The move, part of a bill that could force the Pentagon to provide the most complete personal body-armour available for troops in war zones, calls for an equipment allowance on items such as boots, torches and extreme weather clothing.

    A temporary scheme of this kind already exists, but it is opposed by military commanders who fear its budget impact.

    It reimburses soldiers who were forced to buy items that were not stockpiled for military use during mass deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq.

    However, only 70 US servicemen have bothered to produce valid receipts and claim the £700-a-soldier maximum set aside for the scheme.

    A survey of British soldiers carried out by the Ministry of Defence last year showed that troops spend a collective £13m annually on boots, socks, Norwegian army shirts, rucksacks and baby-wipes for hygiene.

    The average UK infantryman pays between £260 and £300 on equipment, and 10% of those surveyed said they felt they could not do their jobs properly without investing in commercially-available kit.

    The MoD said: "Our soldiers are issued with everything they need to do their jobs.

    "It is inevitable that individuals will buy 'Gucci kit' on the open market.

    "There is no question of reimbursement. That is a personal choice."

    This is obviously Copyright © 2006 Newsquest (Herald & Times) Limited. I don't normally quote more than selected quotes on a 'fair use' basis, but this newspaper is one of those which has had a fair amount off ARRSE.
  2. Every time, it's all they say. Wish they would go on tour/ex with just the issued kit and see how they get on!

    Another case of the MOD/Gov not really being bothered!
  3. AARGH!

    Which time serving snivelling little sh*t came out with that comment?

    I say we issue the swine with what I had for TELIC 1 prior to scrounging/thieving from the septics: CBT 95, minimal ammo, and no CBA plates, one in-date filter for my S10 etc etc, and then drop him off in Afghanistan for a six monther. See what comment he comes out with after that.

    Edited to add: Bugger. Beaten to the punch.
  4. Aye but you just re-emphasised the point!

    And it's a point everyone makes but no-one listenes to, as ever our Government sees no evil an hears no evil, they do speak a lot of crap though!

    No matter who you speak to from Clueless Tony to monghoon etc it's like shouting into the void!
  5. Through Out time the British Tommie has always been the best trained and worst kitted out, the fact that he can fight under any conditions and Win just goes to show how much kit he has had to acquire on the move! This has always been the way since before Napoleon was a pain in our But.
    Down Test and Adjust ;)
  6. show initiative, adapt and overcome and all that shite. the Americans are the other way round when it comes to kit and training
  7. I read somewhere that some US referred to our troops as 'the Borrowers" during TELIC 1. I have done it myself - that is how we have had hundreds of useful American campbeds since 1990-91.

    My advice to anyone lucky enough to serve in a Scottish regiment is always take plenty tartan items with you on deployment :wink:
  8. Perhaps we should push for part of the DPS's basic training to be a fortnight on Salisbury Plain with nowt but the issued kit, your future colleagues and a couple of irate WO2s for company. Obviously, this will serve as a team-building exercise but it should also give the civil servants in Whitehall a personal insight into the consequences of their work.
  9. Hackle wrote:

    That's alright, the US Marine Corps has a fine tradition of exercising initiative in procurement of mission-essential items. :D I've assisted in the procuring of a 5 ton truck from the USAF, to include building a shelter to hide it on an AF Base, to painting new stencils on it... :D A friend who served in ODS says that his unit would not have had night vision were it not for the fact that some NVGs fell into the back of the Company 1st Sgt's HMMWV while he was visiting a nearby Army unit...

    Of course, there's only one thief in the Marine Corps. Everyone else is just trying to get their shiznit back... :D
  10. :lol: :lol: :lol: @ Yank_Lurker

    Abot 100 years ago on a major exercise my TA Int Section found a friendly source of Bundeswehr rations and insisted on relying mainly on them throughout the Ex. The German scoff was gopping compared to our own perfectly good rats, but the boys seemed to like the idea of putting one over on the system!

    Maybe we should have a thread sometime on the relative quality of different countries' military cuisine. I have "enjoyed" US, French, Italian, German, various Scandinavian... halal... Oh and Kosovo Protection Corps, and UNHCR 'Humanitarian Daily Ration'. British is best IMO - when deployed.
  11. 307

    307 War Hero

    Canadian IMPs thai chicken, orgasmical and you should try their chocolate pudding, whoa, their must be a metric ton of sugar in their I was on a high till endex after I ate one.
  12. Its shocking isnt ? The bloody MOD gobbing off again . The kit we HAVE to purchase ourselves to do our job .
    I wish the knobber that said that could come on an op tour with me wearing just the issue(cheapest bidder) kit .
    I will say the Iraq issue kit is pretty good ,however the normal kit issue is pants .
  13. I have to say that our current kit is jolly good. Troops deploying to Iraq now receive an additional 60-odd items of kit. Our boots are now on their umpteenth iteration (with more versions on way currently being trialled). Our basic combat clothing clothing (CS9x) will be replaced wholesale in the next 5 years or so. Our NBC kit is due to be completely replaced.

    I could go on all day. The US have a tradition of having their soldiers buy their own kit from PX and BXs after initial scales, which is why their servicepeople had a much stronger case for re-imbursement. Our soldiers now receive everything they need to do their job. The days of toms having to buy softies, norgies, decent boots and so forth is long gone.

    And for the record, I'm not a G10 Warrior by a very long stretch of the imagination, it just seems to me that everyone wants to dress like an extra from 'Ultimate Farce' without necessarily needing the kit.

    So come on, then - what bits of kit are so dreadful they deserve the slagging that certain persons have seen fit to deliver on this thread?
  14. I hate to sound like a moderate, but the issue kit is, largely, perfectly adequate. Yes, I can - and do - buy better civvie kit on the open market but that is because its better, its my choice and I'm happy to do so. I find myself falling in behind DD on this one. I do so because I've now served for long enough to see the constant improvements flowing in to service and can contrast them with the items they have replaced. Where I do have a small hang up is when we get onto the subject of "non-GS kit" and here I'm going to mention CBA. Whereas the clothing items are good enough for government work, CBA has to be the best available. Ours isn't - as far as this soldier is concerned. Thats why I've carried a CP vest with f'of HUGE front and rear chicken plates on the last couple of outings.
    Oh, and with regards to being known as the Borrowers in Iraq, in Kabul we were known as The Flintstones!
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I agree with D_D, most of the kit we are issued is pretty good now and better by miles than the junk that was handed out in the 1980s when I joined. Pretty much all the basic kit I wear and/or carry now is the issue version with only a few minor exceptions.

    I think the real problem is not in the quality of the gear but its availability, which is often patchy.