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I have a fantastic bunch of ex-pat Taffs who are sending "comfort" parcels to my TA guys on Telic. They contacted me via the net and unit website.

They have already started sending parcels and are getting their Welsh relatives to send stuff from here too.
They, being American, need to know if their phone cards will work with the current telephones used by us in Iraq.

My memory is now fuzzy and my Telic was a while ago. Pardigm cards are issued but is there a method of using US cards. I remember the US soldiers using our phones and cabins.

Can our guys use the US Cards or not?

Ta Butties and diolch!!!
Yank phonecards don't work with Paradigm phones. Depends on where your blokes are, but if there are any Yanks nearby (CPA or whatever they're called now) then it's not a problem using their phones.
Don't know about septic phone cards but if you're with the septics you can use their DSN system to call UK by ringing a USAF base in UK, stating that you're serving with US tps & make a "morale" call to UK.

RAF Lakenheath 314-226-1110
RAF Midenhall 314-238-1110

Always useful...

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