US organised Death Squads in Iraq??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Apr 23, 2005.

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  1. Found this on U75 and thought it deserved the attention of arrse.

    To all the spams reading this, please note this is in no way an attack on the US forces in 'Ayrak' :D

    EDIT: sorry, forgot the source. The pinkos didnt make it up.
    Death squads
  2. If you know it's complete bo11ocks, and it was on U75 after all, why bother trying to wind people up by posting the krap?
  3. I dont KNOW if it is true or untrue, but i suspect (and hope) that it is not true.

    Only posted it here to see what people thought about it :?
  4. Let's just say that among the hobbies of most U75 visitors is knocking the US, knocking the military, being leftist and anti war.

    So if they come up with a story that suggests that the US Forces in Iraq are doing something hiddeous and illegal, that isn't already all over the 'reputable' news, I for one am not going to give it any credence at all. You can if you like, but you might as well duck to avoid being hit in the head by that pig while ýou do it.

    Cynic? Me? Nah!
  5. I think the article is crap. However, I have seen reports of tribal militias conducting revenge attacks upon the tangos. The tribal militias may be taking steps to drive out the terrorists from their neighborhoods.
  6. Sorry to contradict you but all 3 of the units mentioned do exist and there is an element of truth about the article. The Special Commandos were 2 battalions strong before anyone in the Coalition knew they existed! And yes the decision was taken by Petreaus that although unofficial they were achieving results so lets kit them out..............fine in the short term but could cause difficulties later on.
  7. Hate to point it out, but the articel is spot on and they do exist, and it is a nightmare trying to keep track of them and also working out who their commanders are.

    In the South we have spent a long time trying to set up an organised system and then these "Specials" turn up. and it is not just in the POlice. there are special Int units, special Army units etc. the only connection is the US funding and backing, but they seem to have no raison d'etre.

    Here is a novel idea. one police force which stops crime on the street and keeps the people safe!!!!
  8. Is 'Greg Jaffe' the son of George Jaffe who I always considered the best informed Jurno on the Mid East situation.
    PS Death Squads, oh my buddha, don't the Texan gunslingers learn nothing.
    Help gain a "quick?" victory but throw away ya nations respect, bit like B.Liar and Onest UK elections.
  9. The Iraqis don't need any encouragement from the US to form local armed groupings split along a variety of ethnic, religious and geographical lines - call them insurgents, call them militia, call them patriots - it's difficult for outsiders to tell.

    However, I wish I could believe that the current US administration was clever enough not to pour petrol on the fire by backing some of these. Saddam used to be the US's blue-eyed boy when he was gassing Iranians - you'd hope they'd learn from the past.
  10. jonwilly wrote
    WE lernt "We can't put that genie back in the bottle."

  11. The organizations do exist but not as described in the article.