US oil tycoon, 2 Swiss charged in Iraq oil scandal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 22, 2005.

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  2. Good lets see the euro's start indicting some of there oil for food crooks like Galloway.
  3. No , let's start with the US. How many times did we hear that "No US citizens were involved"

    In fact , it is only an allegation at the moment. Bet Wyatt wishes he hadn't dumped so much money in the Democrat campaign kitty now.

    A Texan oilman operating on his own in this sort of market opportunity? Yeah right.
  4. Good lets see the euro's start indicting some of there oil for food crooks like Galloway.
  5. We didn't categorically say "No UK citizens were involved in OFP"

    And so far, no PROOF has emerged that GG was involved in OFP. In fact , when he was summoned before your senate, he handed them their asses.

    Some of the questions asked by the investigation , were so ridiculously biased, even Brits who hate GG ended up cheering when he whacked them out of the park.

    The thread is here somewhere.
  6. Galloway best buddy is getting tons of money from Sadam who is giving money to Galloway. Who supports Sadam. He makes Tom Delay look like a Choir boy. I could care less if Americans are involved. If they are involved so be it.
  7. Can you provide the proof of that Neo-Con?
  8. I am tired right now and will gone for a lot of the weekend.By monday I will have more Information. I am going just from memory right now .Proof ,no not with out a formal power to investigate and subpoena witnesses.
  9. No, just follow Fcux and Newsmax's lead and base all assertions on innuendo and your usual "Internet Sources" of dubious reliability and integrity.
  10. OK. We don't want proof, but maybe just a little evidence would be nice instead of your complete and utter drivvel.

    Who is GG's 'best buddy'? Evidence please...

    Evidence please...

    Evidence please...

    Evidence please...

    So far, your own Senate has investigated this, and they had the power "to investigate and subpoena witnesses". All the could come up with was:
    - some documents that stated GG had been granted an 'oil allocation' - but NO evidence that he profited nor even knew of its existance
    - a former business partner (in a charity) who appears to have made money from Iraqi oil - but no proof it was from the OfFP
    - he met Saddam twice

    So, if your last comment "Who supports Sadam" is based on this last element, then what do you think of someone who also met him twice and provided the basic ingredients to make chemical weopans to slaughter thousands.....?

    Have you seen the film Choirboys?

    For the record, I do not support George Galloway nor his politics - and would be very pleased to see his type consigned to the (political) scrapheap. However, as PTP points out, many people over here were applauding as he gave your biased politicians a roasting. Why, because this side of the pond we care about 'facts' and 'truths' - except our current puppet PM - and we dislike your system of political showboating to the ignorant masses.

    Still waiting for an answer NC - are you an iranian-american?
  11. BayOil from Texas was outed in the US Senate investigation for taking a sizeable proportion of the OfF Programme oil - and thus paying a large chunk of the illegal kickbacks into Saddams pocket.

    PTP links to another Texan, Oscar Wyatt the former Coastal Corp. chairman, for also having his greedy fingers well and truly in the pie.

    And still there is more to come:

    Having opened Pandora's box in an attempt to discredit the UN, it seems all the US Administration has found inside is a can-o-worms with 'made in USA' stamped on the outside!!!!