US official Raymond Davis on Lahore murder charges

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pp0470, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - US official Raymond Davis on Lahore murder charges

    Sounds like a nice pay off for a Pakistani judge is overdue
  2. When this story broke on BBC World,a Pakistani policeman(I think) went on record to state the shot motorcyclists were attempting a carjacking.

    It seems carjacking is permissable against foreiners in Pakistan.

    Most Pakistani police and judges are as bent as 9 bob notes and taking bribes is the norm there.
  3. Hmm... If the innocent armed men on the motor cycle had succeeded in shooting the American, before he slotted them no doubt the Paki Taliban would be claiming success in executing a CIA crusader daring to pollute Pakistans soil!! :-(
  4. The Pak spinning of this story has already started,
    also some background context.
    The Paks are going to extract a lot of quid for their pro quo on this one, me thinks.

    update from the LA Times.
    Very good drills Mr Davis!

    "Pakistani authorities have said they will leave it up to the courts to decide whether the consulate employee is protected by diplomatic immunity.

    According to the statement, the two men killed in the incident had criminal backgrounds and had robbed a Pakistani citizen at gunpoint just minutes before confronting the diplomat. Relatives of the men say the men carried handguns for their personal protection.

    "The diplomat had every reason to believe that the armed men meant him bodily harm," the embassy's prepared statement said.

    Pakistan shooting: U.S. demands release of diplomat in Pakistan shooting -
  5. I was wondering if there will be charges against the second driver who almost certainly did kill an entirely innocent man
  6. Veterans Today, run by Gordon Duff is one of the most biased unprofessional websites out there.

    Gordon claims 100% disability from the VA yet was a regimental operations section clerk in Nam. No Purple Heart. He used to claim (including right here on Arrse where he has an account to be combat disabled)

    He basically claims everything is the Mossads fault. He has claimed OBL is Mossad, the Russian airport attack was Mossad, the the Arizona shooter was Mossad, Wikipedia is Mossad, Cheney blew up the pentagon, that Irans Aminejhad is Mossad. The man is as sharp as a sack full of wet mice.
  7. Appreciate the heads-up re VT. Duff sounds a real tin-foil PoS.

    The LA Times suggests those at State are pulling finger for Mr Davis.
    The Paks need reminding [yet again] whose side they really are on.
    Let's hope this ends as it should.
  8. The US are not moving to assure the Pakistanis that Mr Davis will be subject to a full US enquiry should/ when he is realised to them. I am sure he will be exonerated but me thinks it will still be the end of a career. As had been said before; good drills that man.

    BBC News - US Senator Kerry says Raymond Davis will face inquiry
  9. You can't go around Pakistan shooting and running over people just because you want to -- it's not America!
  10. [​IMG]

    Apparently these are the people who were sent to his aid....
  11. BBC News - Q&A: Lahore shootings - unanswered questions

    Doesn't look good
  12. Just for a moment I though this was about "Kink..y Sex" games.