US offers Russia deal over Iran

US President Barack Obama has written to his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, suggesting co-operation in blocking Iranian missile plans.

Mr Obama offered to suspend plans for a US missile defence shield, if Moscow backed efforts to stop Iran developing long-range missiles, officials said.

If Russia agrees to the proposal then it would confirm American version. Russia said that so called Iranian threat was no more than a cover.

Washington may want Moscow to back a tougher sanctions regime against Tehran.

At present, Iran is a market for Russian weaponry, airliners and civil nuclear technology. A Russian-built reactor is expected to begin operation in Iran later this year.

Indeed, Moscow may feel it has stronger cards in its hand than Washington, our correspondent adds.

Mr.Obama is unexperienced in international politics and mrs.Clinton is not an expert in this area as well. This pair make wrong bids on political bridge table.

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