US offensive to 'pacify' Falluja


US troops have launched a big offensive against Iraqi insurgents in the Sunni flashpoint town of Falluja.
They have sealed off the town where four Americans were killed and their bodies mutilated by a mob last week.

Unconfirmed reports say several people were killed when a US warplane dropped bombs on a residential area of the town after a mortar attack on troops.

The US command has vowed to "pacify" Falluja, where four civilian contractors were killed on Wednesday.

Falluja lies in the heartland of resistance to the US-led occupation.
how to multiply martyrs and revenge attacks in the quickest and easiest way!
The anti-US forces in Iraq have just been handed their best recruiting video ever - US troops on a mission to punish the locals running through town firing at everything in sight.

If the Iraqi's occupied the US would this sort of behaviour pacify the population ? Would the US have stood for it if we had tried to solve NI using these methods ? Of course not, so why on earth do the US think that it will work now ? Either their G2 staff are complete fools or no-one is listening to them. Or maybe it's because the locals are a bunch of "ragheads" so who cares what happens to them ?

Maybe we should start dividing the Iraqi civilian casualty list by 13 and start measuring the deaths in "Bloody Sundays". Perhaps that would introduce some perspective. But then again, maybe not.
Apparently they've built a huge fuckoff concrete wall across the road from Fallujah towards Jordan - looks just like the Israelis' one and bound to be just as popular, especially as that cuts off all overland trade with anywhere to the west of Iraq. Has anyone pointed out that the problem with copying the Israelis is that they are losing? R Fisk reports in today's Indy that Baghdad airport has been mortared every night for nine days but the Spams won't admit it publicly, isn't this all a fine pile of shit?

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