US Nintendo DSi in the UK - Charging and other issues

Hi Guys

My daughter just got a DSi from the rich aunt in America fof her birthday. No problem, we thought, just plug in the charger from the UK DS lite - wrong! Different sized plugs in the Nintendo's. So a quick trip to Game, and a DS charger with an adapter to plug into the DSi. Charger from Game got very hot the first use, so we swapped the adapter onto the old DS charger. However, this is not charging the DSi. Now, I've just looked at the US DSi charger to see that the output is DC 4.6V 900mA, the old UK charger has an output of 5.2V 450mA.

1. Is this causing the problem?
2. Is the output on UK DSi chargers different to that required on US chargers?

I've goggled it with no success, and although I can buy a UK DSi charger, I want to find out if it'll work on a US DSi before I throw good money after bad. If need be, I'll get a 250v / 110v transformer and use the US charger, I'm just wondering which route to take.

Also, does anybody know of any other compatibility issues between the US DSi and UK purchased games?

Thanks for the help! :D
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