US needs a bit of a cleanup too...

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Generalissimo, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. Boeing Overcharged U.S. Army $13M: IG Report - Defense News

  2. I would certainly hazard a guess that the amount of overcharge is well above the 13M figure presented. What the armies need to do is enlist professional help, professional purchasing agents and managers who's sole purpose in life is to ensure that everything being purchased is the right price, right quality, along with oversight spread out enough to make it not very worthwhile to pay everyone off to overcharge.
  3. Of course the Army also should have a chat with the supply bod who ordered direct from Boeing instead of DLA. Imagine what else he/she has****ed up?
  4. The Army paid me 10 years worth of wages, and bonuses. What a waste of cash that was!!
  5. $13 Million!!!!

    Bunch of bloody Yank amatuers…

    … they should get some training from Big And Expensive in how to add a few more noughts on the end.
  6. Great idea, fully implemented by bfg years ago,

    They enlisted professional help, professional purchasing agents who`s sole purpose in life is to ensure everything being purchased for use on British Army camps in Germany, is only the very best poor quality overpriced goods & services, which then disappear.

    Who have the oversight to ensure that goods are returned to the supplier & the invoice paid in full. Spread out enough to make it worthwhile to pay everyone off with the proceeds of the overcharged goods, supplied, paid for & returned from whence they came, whilst accruing a personal credit to the widows & orphans fund in return.

    There, fixed that for you.

    Yes, you could say they are the Professionals, lol.

    It was all over the local papers. Surprisingly, there was`nt a cheap out of HQ bfg, funnily enough, they had no idea it was going on.