US Navy trades patrol boats for destroyers

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by sunnoficarus, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. I think the title is the wrong way round
  2. Doing more of what with what?
  3. A bit of this bit of that.
  4. I'm sure one of the resident matelots will pop into this thread and explain how the RN can dominate the middle eastern oceans. Either that or they'll state that we don't need ships in the area because the grapes there are sour.
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  5. It's only a matter of time before the RN reclassifies motor-boats as Destroyers. In fact, they could equip a few RIBs with radio-controlled aeroplanes and call them aircraft carriers. The govt of the day will announce a massive leap in capability before selling the Fleet to Capita and hiring it back at three times the cost.
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  6. I thought that the Cyclone PCs were being sent there for specific anti FIAC purposes?
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  7. Nice! Can I have one, please :)

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  8. The Cyclone class are being fitted with Laser aimed 25mm cannons and the Griffen missile for use against FIACs.
  9. You called?

    As hinted in the article, I think a large part of the reason for this is that significant parts of the gulf are too shallow for large ships.

    I believe that was the reason why the matelots captured by the Iranians in the infamous iPod incident were so far from the frigate where they were based. You don't need Harpoon missiles to deal with a jihadi in a Boghammar motorised bathtub, but you do need to be close enough to shoot at them.

    We don't have enough patrol craft to emulate the USN and the ones we do have are technically owned by ship builders due to some ill advised private finance shenanigans by the previous government. Can't see Vospers agreeing to send their kit to a war zone. Perhaps the best idea would be to send in the URNUs with their mighty P2000s that now form the biggest squadron in the Royal Navy.
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  10. image.jpg

    There is a better way.
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  11. Isn't is as simple as vospers either let these patrol boats go to war or we will just buy from someone else.
  12. Ummmmmmmmmm, CGI helicopters....

    Well certainly cost less to run.

    A_M has a point, could we not revert to patrol boats rather than multi-million pound Destroyers?

    The navy get ships, the Admirals get squadrons. Winner!
  13. And the FAA gets targets.

    The. RN has proven rather well that armed helicopters are death to fast attack craft, even ones fitted with respectable weapons systems. Why would we start buying a class of vessel we developed the effective means of wiping out at will?

    And I think you will find both the Lynx and its Wildcat variant are well past the CGI stage.
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