US Navy to probe lewd videos shown to carrier crew

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. There will be fertilizer in the fresh air vents over this

    NORFOLK, Va. (AP) – A top officer aboard a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier broadcast to his crew a series of profanity-laced comedy sketches in which he uses gay slurs, mimics masturbation and opens the shower curtain on women pretending to bathe together, a newspaper reported.

    The Virginian-Pilot reported in its Sunday editions that Capt. Owen Honors appeared in the videos in 2006 and 2007 while he was the USS Enterprise's second-ranking officer, and showed them across the ship on closed-circuit television. He took over as the ship's commander in May.

    The Navy said it plans to investigate the videos, which it called "clearly inappropriate."

    "The videos were intended to be humorous skits focusing the crew's attention on specific issues such as port visits, traffic safety, water conservation, ship cleanliness, etc.," the Navy said in a statement to the newspaper.

    Navy Cmdr. Chris Sims said in a statement sent to The Associated Press that the videos "were not acceptable then and are not acceptable in today's Navy."

    A phone listing for Honors was not immediately available. He is a 1983 alumnus of the U.S. Naval Academy and was a naval aviator before holding command. He attended the U.S. Naval Fighter Weapons School, also known as Top Gun.

    Commanding officers and enlisted chiefs "are charged to lead by example and are held accountable for setting the proper tone and upholding the standards of honor, courage and commitment that we expect Sailors to exemplify," Sims said in the statement.

    In a video obtained by the newspaper and posted on its website, Honors addresses the camera and introduces a series of several lewd video clips, which he acknowledges have drawn complaints.

    "As usual, the admiral and the captain have no idea about the contents of the video or movie this evening, and they should not be held accountable in any judicial setting," Honors says on the video. "Over the years I've gotten several complaints about inappropriate material during these videos, never to me personally but, gutlessly, through other channels."

    During this introduction, he also uses a derogatory term for gays.

    Next comes a sequence of what appear to be outtakes in which Honors and others curse. Honors observes that comedians who performed on the ship always got laughs when they used "the f-bomb." After that, Honors and others are shown making hand motions that mimic masturbation.

    Honors segues to the next segment by saying, "Finally let's get to my favorite topic ... chicks in the shower." Next are shown clips of pairs of women and a pair of men pretending to shower together. No nudity is shown, but the men's and women's bare shoulders imply they are nude.

    It's not immediately clear where the ship was located when the videos were produced. The Enterprise served a six-month deployment in support of the war in Iraq in 2006 and another six-month deployment to the Persian Gulf in 2007.

    Commissioned in 1961, it's the world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. It is scheduled to sail two more deployments before it is decommissioned in 2013. It can carry a crew of more than 5,800.
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  3. Was he watching Little Britan ?
  4. Just on the news--he has been relieved from command. Surprise Surprise.
  5. Wow!

    I wonder how many poeple watched that, laughed their the heads, contemplated at what a great place that must be to work for anyone with a pulse....then contemplated the futility of their own little jobs, and pressed the outrage button, causing a good man to lose his job, an another workplace take a step towards the mindless drudgery of a Big Brother set.
  6. As I predicted there would be in the wake of the despicable action of my government just before Christmas, this is the reason the Navy acted so quickly:

    Capt. Owen Honors Relieved Of Duty As Navy Investigates Anti-Gay Videos | On Top Magazine :: Gay & Lesbian News, Entertainment, Commentary & Travel

    This will be the pattern for witch hunts and other efforts of the "new" military to prove how modern it is. "Hate speech" will also become a popular phrase and career killer.
  7. How long before 'Captain' becomes 'Ship Manager'?

  8. I'm glad my day is done. [​IMG] I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut. I had no problem with gays serving in the military during the DADT era. Now that DADT appears to have been thrown out the thin-skinned LGBT crowd is going to make it miserable for everyone else in the military. :-|:shock:

    (Personally, I would have advised that commander to not make and show that video in the first place. It might have been an attempt to bolster morale on the ship during a stressful period, but that kind of thing is always going to come back and bite you in the ass. The people in the 5-Sided Cave are always going to look down on comics that use that kind of humor.)
  9. No question he showed horrible judgment but the idea that one or 2 disgruntled sailors can get lobby groups to pressure the military to take specific actions is going to have tremendous effect. As I have said, my experiecne with the military is it is its own worst enemy when a policy changes and they want so badly to show they are "on board." Many more will be victimized in the ensuing thought purging than were ever "victimized" due to their homosexuality.
  10. FFS ! what is the world coming to - we are doomed to become a planet of politically correct slaves without humour.

    Somebody needs to tell everyone of these "self Interest" groups to go fuck themselves - oops, I just did.
  11. It will not do any good-he is toast--one can only imagine the dollar investment in this officer over his career that is now lost and while he deserved some discipline this was a "PC" lynching.

    Being relieved of command (and terminating his career) may be appropriate for driving the ship onto a reef but even then such things do not occur without a formal board of inquiry. I see the very heavy hand of the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs in all this as they were long ago co-opted by the homosexual lobby.

    Given my experience with my nation's military, it will seek out and destroy anyone who does not "embrace" the new homosexual agenda.