US Navy SEAL has ND

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by No_Duff, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. Not related to your post. I prefer the lass in your avatar in her other 'pose' of donkey jacket, wellies mit shotgun Oooooooherrrr
  2. Stupid way to go, if he doesn't make it. Let's hope he does.

    Otherwise OBL will be laughing his head off (what's left of it).
  3. His mate writing the RIP seems a little premature... :?
  4. Gonna be a shizza episode of NCIS.
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  5. He was handling the gun and pointed it at his head to show her it wasn’t loaded when the tragedy happened.

    What my son would call an "EPIC FAIL"
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  6. I guess bobbing-about in a US Coastguard RIB is just a cunning disguise. Nice one, DM.
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  7. Bad luck, but what a twat! Why play with a weapon, just because you beleive it is unloaded dosent mean it is! Just lucky he shot himself and not an innocent bystander. I wonder how much he will get fined?
  8. Going on the piss with a weapon. I'm thinking Darwin Awards if this doesn't end well.
  9. Like his assumption that the weapon was unloaded
  10. Why has he got a loaded and made ready pistol in his house anyway?

    I don't reckon he's got much of a frontal lobe left if it went off at the temple, I reckon a veg for life if he makes it...
  11. Surley this is not news.....yanks NDing is a common thing.
  12. Yes, but it's usually someone else on the receiving end. ND to the temple takes smarts. Perhaps he'd been blown-out.
  13. especially mobile phones......

    if it had happened in a public place as opposed to behind closed doors it might even be a believeable report, the mere fact a bint was involved and everyone knew he was a seal tends to suggest the facts might be somewhat different to the press releases....
  14. He had apparently just been assigned to his unit...