US Navy Seal fitness plan

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. the running and phys schedule are pretty good, make good use of them. couldnt do the swims though, i'd just fcuking sink like a sack of sh1t.
    i dont struggle with a cft, but improvements are always welcome. cheers.
  3. Im going to probably use the Bodyweight exercises off that, and alterations to the run system (I hate running, even if I do have to do it, its shite).

    The swims look really hard though.

    Notice the Pushups required for SEALS in 2 minutes = 42, TA = 44 :) lol
  4. *Note* The 42 pushups is just for screening not the actual training rep. And to do this after a swim is not as easy as i sounds.
  5. Well if you put it that way....
  6. I notice in week 3 of the training programme it says 'no running - high risk of stress fractures' What is that all about? I have been in the TA for just a few weeks now and I'm doing phys every day - running, sit-ups, press ups and walking once a week with boots and rucksack... How much should I be resting? At nearly 44 and having done a sitting down job for most of my adult life I've got a bit of catching up to do, but I don't want to injure myself in the process if I can help it! I don't mind doing the phys (well, I do mind but theres not much choice about it!) but how much should I be resting as well?

  7. I've also only been in for a few weeks after a lifetime of sedentary occupation.

    Haven't you felt sore shins on occasion after a few days of beasting? If I get that, I lay off it for a day or two.

    That said, you're a little older than I, and someone else in this forum suggested that those of us that grew up with gay soft-soled running shoes at school rather than boots / woodblock clogs / barefoot have unconditioned, soft-bellied shins. Given that we lay down bone and calcium in response to loading, this theory has some merit.

    So maybe you are "hard enough", literally in terms of yout tibiae, to run every day. I'm not yet, so I take breaks.

  8. What? No drown proofing?
    What about rolling giant fenders up sand dunes?
    And wheres the essay writing?
  9. 5. Run 1.5 miles wearing boots and pants in 11:30


  10. Move off the roads and go cross country to lessen the stress on your legs if you can. If you get shin splints, which feel like that only much worse, the only thning you'll be running in a while is a bath!
  11. Never mind that, what happened to sharing the showers with Demi Moore?
  12. I do this very early in the morning, as the sight of a man running across Tooting Bec common sporting just boots and y-fronts can often attract undue attention from the locals.
  13. Looking at the fitness tests for entry into the SEALS,most of our Army would be in their SF. If yo can do a BPFA under 10.30 anyway that is.
  14. I suspect from the training plan it's running in boots most of the time. Honestly it's a bit of a shock to run distance in boots, if you do it regularly then injures will be fairly likely. I did a fair bit of running (it was 10ish miles a day for a week (in a race)) with a pair of civi boots and the impact gave me shin splints. It's not bad excercise to do once in a while, just not too often.
  15. decent insoles pay dividends in boots! sorbothane are good!