US navy respects international borders... sometimes.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Aug 23, 2007.

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    US navy is so law-abiding! However, in this concrete case it would be right to fight with the real terrorists, with pirates. Why it hasn't been done? Maybe the captain of American warship was affraid to fight against the pirates? Who knows?

    Bobming of the village would cause innocent victims (including women and children). So unlikely it was the best possible decision.
  2. Sergey, why do you hate the USA so much? You seem obsessed with it, trawling the internet all night for any article that will cast the USA in a bad light, then posting it on here. Why don't you get another hobby, this one can't be very good for your mental health!
  3. FUIHP
    Say no more.
  4. yawns again.... to the hole!
  5. So the US stopped some pirates that happened to be sailing near the coast of a non-state (Somalia).

    Bravo, US!
  6. It is either that or Israel, and seemingly this week Israel's 'bad light' news may be a bit more sparse then usual!!
  7. Andy, our Jewish and Israeli friends sincerely think that I'm 'obsessed' with Israel. Also look how many Russia-related posts I have sent. So I 'obsessed' with Russia as well. And generally I 'obsessed' with HM armed forces because I have sent so many posts here about British army, navy and RAF. And of course I 'obsessed' with jokes. So I 'obsessed' with literally everything. Our dear PTP proposed me not to send posts on a certain theme. Maybe he thinks that I'm 'obsessed' with women?

    I don't understand it Andy. You are English patriot and nationalist and you are upset reading my post. But why?
  8. I'm not upset m8, just bored. I'm willing to bet that your posts slagging off US or Israel outnumber your posts on any other topic by at least 3 to 1.
  9. Following the eviction of the Islamic Courts Union from Mogadishu by the Transitional Federal Government and their Ethiopian allies, permission was given to the USN to engage in military operations against the former-ICU jihadis remaining in certain bases in Somalia.

    Under UNCLOS 1982, every state government has the responsibility to engage in anti-piracy operations and any/every naval vessel has jurisdiction in cases of piracy on the high seas. The USN had already destroyed the pirate craft used in this attack but couldn't risk firing on this vessel as the Danish crew were on board.

    Under long standing international law, hot pursuit of criminals into national waters is not allowed. Hence the USN (and all other navies who are part of CTF150) must break off the chase once the pirates enter Somali waters whereupon it becomes the responsibility of the Somali government to deal with them. The International Maritime Organisation has put a motion to the UNSC to make an exception in the case of Somalia, allowing military units to enter Somali waters at will. This is based on the assumption that Somalia does not currently have a functioning government or law enforcement capability to deal with the piracy problem.

    These are VERY different situations, Sergey. Terrorism and piracy are two very different things, although I admit there can be an element of cross over between the two.
  10. We have discussed this theme on ARRSE pages.

    Of course I'm upset. I used to listen to the BBC in my car on 99.6 FM in Moscow. Now BBC-Russian available only on other (not FM) bands and on internet.
  11. Sorry Sergey, didn't see the thread.

    Still, as someone else said, how long before you're unable to provide links to non-Putin news sources?

    Click here for some incisive analysis of deteriorating Anglo-Russian relations:,,2007390175,00.html
  12. Sergey is it urban myth or did the Soviet Pacific Fleet destroy more than a few pirates in its time?
  13. Ah in this country my dear Chekist one is a scoundrel and one is not...
  14. Dear lord. This made my blood run cold. I had no idea they were running such an organised operation. They'll have digital watches next!!