just checked out the number of gongs the septics will be getting for 'Operation Iraqi Misjudgement'
not counting actual Iraq medal, gallantry or non specific 'sun burn under enemy sky' medals.

Armed Forces Service Medal (all)
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal(all)
Bronze Star (like confetti)
Purple Heart (thousands of these babies)
Prisoner of War Medal (more than theyd have like to give)

no double gonging there then :roll:
you missed the flying over the atlantic medal, and - if thier kite goes over N.I. Airspace - they get another gong for flying over another warzone medal too.

Not forgetting:

- the 'Reading without moving lips' medal
- the 'Using cutlery properly' medal (rarely awarded)
- the 'Having bowels open regularly' award
Because the Yank butt has increased in size to the size of small Carribean Islands and their airline companies now offer a seat for each buttock on long-haul and domestic flights, they have introduced the "Does My Butt Look Small in These Pants?" medal. Of course, not one single Yank will ever get that, unless he gets cholera. :D
Guys in the Defence Fire Services (ok - you may think they don't do that much work - but they do - i should know!!) have to wait 20 hard years before they are eligible for their LSGC medal.

I suppose the work involved is entirely different.

yes, you have to do the extra time to make up for all of the years that you spend on strike being covered by the Army
:?: :!: :?: :!:

The DFS don't strike - you mean the local authority fire services. 'We' are the ones who don't strike but do countless hours in training army and raf personnel in firefighting, like we did in Moreton last month and in Manston before that, and we don't just sit back and let you get on with either, we are also on the callouts too. :roll:

Never mind :) MyssL

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