US Navy in Nazi shocker!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frog_face, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. Ok, the thread title is a bit OTT.

    Don't know if this has been done before, but a US Navy base has to modified as it resembles a swastika from above.

    The architect, a Mr A. Hitler, was unavailable for comment.

    Here is a photo and story:,2933,298165,00.html
  2. Not the only cock-up - there is a secondary school in the USA which ivewed from above looks stunningly similar to a 9mm pistol. I can't recall where it is, but will try to post a pic sometime over the weekend, if I can be bothered to do it.
  3. And from the Air, Parliament resembles a pig farm with hundreds of snouts in the trough...

    Pretty much looks like that from where I'm sitting too.
  4. Swastika is an ancient Chinese symbol for good luck, why change it?
  5. also used by hindus
  6. Didn't work too well for Fritz, though. Perhaps they had it the wrong way round?
  7. its a funny old world!

    You cant even buils buildings in a Hindu good luck shape - what is the world coming to?

    Maybe the septics need our CRE to help them become better people.

    In Edinburgh we have a parliment building that resembles upside boats or sh!te on a beach.
  8. Political correctness gone mad! Only the other day I was in a prestart design meeting and suggested that the window position be changed so that it spelled out "WHITE POWER" in honour of the great architects White Young & Green. Shot down in flames. My numberplate NF 04 EVA causes me some problems too.
  9. Yeah, i feel a bit nervy driving through Peckham with my Mondeo's number plate N166ERS 0UT too, which in no way represents my views.
  10. I'm laughing so much you have made me late for cross burning..

  11. I was once told a story - I don't know if it's true though - about some SS prisoners in Russia, who were told to plant a forest in Kyrgystan after the war.

    Their NCOs decided to put one over on their Russian guards, and planted an enormous forest in the exact shape of a swastika. Apparently it was only discovered when a MiG-21 pilot flew over it at 10,000 feet about twenty years later and saw the massive swassy against the empty plains!

    By that time the German artists must have either been back home or pushing up daisies.
  12. Or designing US Navy buildings!

  13. Filfot...proper name for bendy armed, crossy, symbol of good and light in eastern culture.
  14. I doubt very much it was a gaffe. These things are not accidents anymore than there is an obelisk (Mithraic phallic symbol) outside the White House and the Vatican.