US NAVY in Friendly Fire incident on rescue team


when will they learn. its just fortunate no-one was hurt.
Well at least this time it was their Matelots fekin up and not their Air Force! 8O
Just another example of a long line of failures. They were not aware of the situation, and their training, tactics and procedures were ineffective. The last unforgivable error was failure to identify the target!

Poor drills! ;)
Their Navy can't shoot and ours can't read Naval charts.

Sack the fleets, Richard Branson would but them and run them all aground whilst still declaring a profit, it worked on the railways afterall.

Put fuc'king long snorkels on all our tanks and have Nato dual-key control extended to all American weapons bigger than a felt tip pen, is my tip.


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DISGUSTING!!!! They'll be flattening Paris and knocking over the Eiffel Tower just to kill a couple of terrorists next . . . FCUK YEAH!
From the wiki.....

The U.S. government issued notes of regret for the loss of human life. It never admitted wrongdoing, accepted responsibility, nor apologized for the incident.[citation needed] In August 1988 Newsweek quoted then vice president George Bush (senior not junior) as saying; "I'll never apologize for the United States of America. Ever, I don't care what the facts are." in regard to the shoot down.[7][8] Bush used the phrase frequently[9] during the 1988 campaign and promised to "never apologize for the United States" months prior to the July 1988 shootdown[10] and as early as January 1988.[11][12] An independent investigation by ICAO concluded that US was at fault by cultivating an unstable battle scenario with no regard for civilian air traffic.[13]
What a delightful man.

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