US Navy has fired 6 commanders since January

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. Perhaps a "win win" solution would be to transfer Capt. Graf to be CO of Gitmo. Is it just me, or does she really look rather intimidating?

  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    'She' is called Holly I see. Hard to tell if thats a male or female.

    More importantly - would you?
  3. So that's what male to female transgender looks like...

    Makes you think who signed off this chick with a dick to climb the greasie pole to get to the rank of captain, even in the USN...!
  4. "One non-commissioned officer said Graf treated him like a toddler, forcing him to take a 'time out' by standing alone in an empty watch room."

    I can see why she was fired. :roll:

    You think she looks intimidating? Your should see some of the people I deal with!

    Jumpinjarhead - Can you enlighten me as to what a 'drag race' is as far as a destroyer and cruiser are concerned? I presume no standing starts?
  6. I hope it is not "drag" in this sense:


    I assume it is the equivalent of our old US past-time of teen-aged boys testing their "mettle" vicariously through the speed of their hot rods (vehicles mind you) that usually involve an acceleration contest from a standing position (vehicles again mind you) over a set distance.

    The good captain here is yet another perverse example of woman feeling the need to prove her testosterone without regard to the consequences.
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    It's all rather gentle really. Compensation culture, can't say or do anything mentality and just further evidence of the namby - pambiness that pervades most of Western society. More focus on management styles, quotas, targets and 'business plans' means less time for being a 'hard b@stard killing machine'. Reminds me of the story by Robert Bauer about the European Station chief who couldn't do anything abou his proselytizing subordinate ruining the workplace enviornment for everyone else. When they tried to discipline this woman for her behaviour (and also her inability to do her core job responsibilty), CIA HR informed boss man that it was in breach of her human rights and freedom of speech.

    Well, thats a load of w@nk really isn't it?
  10. So, she has not exactly been fired from the service, simply removed from her post "pending reassignment to the Navy Air and Missile Defense Command in Dahlgren, Va.".

    It will be interesting to see which appointment she is given.
  11. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

  12. A poignant example of the other extreme of this "PC culture" is this from my local newspaper about a Navy CO recently relieved here (he is a fine officer--former enlisted, graduate of Naval Academy-tremendous experience ans was a member of our Rotary Club):

  13. I think there was a bit more than mistreating crew.

    I have read on various blogs that she drove into dirt and then 1) dragged the LT RN (who was on exchange to USN) by his collar onto the bridge wing to berate him IIRC the LT RN was OOW at the time. 2) ordered changes to log to cover up driving into dirt despite damage to props and dirt/rocks in seawater intakes. Driving into dirt is one of the unforgivables in the USN.

    After a whalestrike (it happens) ordered changes to logs to avoid blame and blocked ships email to prevent pics of mangled whale being sent home.

    And lots more on both Cowpens and her previous command, Winston S. Churchill. IIRC it was when with Churchill that she had major and undiplomatic conflict with an Aussie officer.

    I was speaking with the former wife (retired CDR) and she says this woman is nuts and has a sister RADM Graf who is both well respected and well liked.
  14. "According to the Navy inspector general's report released this week, officers complained that their captain humiliated them in front of the rest of the crew by calling them "idiots" and "stupid" as she spat a stream of obscenities."

    How Gay is your Navy - Not exactly Pearl Harbour stuff, is it?

    Is there a country wide shortage of starch in the US?