US Natl Sec. Advisor Chides McChrystal for Public Statements

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. Retired 4* Gen Jones (former Commandant of the Marine Corps who then served an unprecedented follow-on tour as CINC of US European Command) appears to be carrying the water for the Obama administration in chiding Gen McChrystal for his public statements in the UK. Also note what the Obama political team seems to be considering for options.

    Finally, knowing Gen. Jones as I do, I very much doubt the prediction in the last paragraph about the Taliban not returning to be his personal opinion but rather that of politicians who appear to be looking desperately for a way out of their dilemma whether to support Gen. McChrystal, who was hand-picked for the job only 6 months ago and who presumably is making a well-considered request, at the cost of alienating Obama's far left base that is pressing him hard to terminate all US warfighting.

    Some pundits and academics speculate that Obama sorely needs this base to support his other domestic agendas, including health care, so he may be constrained to go against his commander. If this is true, he and his advisers are desperately looking for a way to do this that can be justified (camouflaged to some) by reference to a need for a new strategy that makes McChrystal's assessment effectively obsolete.

  2. Being the good soldier that he is, I'm sure Gen McChrystal does go through the chain of command. Could it be that he's just about had it with the wall of political spin that he gets in reply?

    Perhaps he is just fedup with the response he is getting and knows that all this pussy-footing around the issues will only lead to disaster down the line and he is not willing to risk the lives of brave men in battle without a known objective and full support from all the governments involved.

    I wonder how many of these senior officials and congressional leaders have actual military experience. Sigh.