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Us n Them - Double Standards!

The year is 2007!

Within a few miles of where I live, a very decent chap also lives. He is a Second Class Warrant Officer, and was, so I am led to believe, tipped for the top of his particular tree. In short, an all round good egg! He, however, like so many of us, has a small weakness, namely the inability to keep his knob in his trousers! Not so long ago, a three year long 'indiscretion' with another chap's wife came to light, and the solids hit the air-conditioning, not only at home (or indeed, at two homes), but in the village, and at work.

At about the same time another fellow who lives and works close by, and has a high profile position that overlaps very heavily with the civilian community, but who happens to be a Major, was also caught hanging out of the back end of another man's wife!

They are both Gunners.

Guess what? The Warrant Officer has been interviewed without coffee, severly reprimanded and taken off the board for promotion to WO1 and has now been put out to pasture for his 'last two' and is treated as an outcast. On the other hand - and why aren't I at all surprised: the gallant Major rides on regardless. Nothing has been said or done to him formally, any mention of his behaviour is immediatley silenced, and he carries on as before, in the same position as if nothing had happened and it was all someone elses fault.

I'm not condoning, or otherwise, adultery. It takes two to tango, consenting adults, etc etc, but how oh how can in this day and age can the army get away with such double standards?
You don't mention the status of the two ladies husbands, that could possibly have a bearing on things.

Also have the husbands made any form of complaint.
Its not the first time this sort of issue has been raised within the forums of ARRSE and undoubtedly not the last.

Im sure that having broke with the values and standards that we in the military follow that some sort of punishment will be forthcoming for said officer no matter how he is acting at present.
maxi_77 said:
You don't mention the status of the two ladies husbands, that could possibly have a bearing on things.

Also have the husbands made any form of complaint.
Quite right - if the WO2 has been doing the naughty thing with another soldier's wife then of course he has no one to blame but himself.

If however, the Major has been where he shouldn't have and the wife has no connection to the military, neither in her own right nor her husbands - then so what?

It is not the army's business to dictate how a soldier conducts his marital affairs (or extra marital affairs as the case may be), until the soldier makes it the army's business (e.g. by dipping his nib in Company ink).
Sammy The Cat said:
Spanish_Dave said:
sammy isnt that called spin in politico speak :?
I am not sure Dave, I have never truly understood the nature of "spin".
Isnt that when a bowler does funny thing with the ball when it throws it at the other guy?

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