US MSM- Scraping bad news from the bottom of the barrel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ghost_us, Oct 2, 2007.

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    Why they would front page news from 2005 is certainly telling. It appears as an edit, I didn't read the entire thing but the last page moves the date to March 13 2006.

    Whatever happened to unbiased news reporting?
  2. While i think this is actually a decent retrospective on the fight against IED's, the msm has exposed the fact that they will only report the news truthfully as long as it is the news they want. Had things not been going so well recently in Iraq (where did the BBC report a more than halving of iraqi civilian deaths?) i don't think the Blackwater affair (which i recognise is an important story before i'm jumped on) would have been anything like as big had the daily car bombings still been continuing in Baghdad.
  3. As a journo - who's regrets not to be writing on defence issues - it looks like an update to an old newsstory meant to serve as a reference to a new one. (Could well be that Congress has decided to spend 23 billion on MRAP vehicles).

    But the edit appears sloppy and typical of the crap produced, when modern media has to keep up with the newsstream.

    That said - blowing life into old news - is not uncommon. (not years old, but weeks or even a couple of months, when competing media outlets keeps a story the competition has published in advance. If after a few days only a few readers, listeners or viewers will notice. 8O

    This don't work on major news stories and this one was 2005. So I doubt that this is a case of left wing media workers trying to subvert the work of US forces in Irag. More likely some poor sod, who has to edit four or five newswires an hour and publish them on the internet.

  4. Don't think there is such a thing as unbiased reporting :(
  5. and while we are on this, why have these thinks not been highlighted?

  6. I think unfortunately I for one would never have found this without you posting it. The US won't see this on the nightly news anytime soon.

    The reason I posted is that I usually check MSN for news. I know it's not the most centered news organization, but it's default on my browser and I'm too lazy to find another one to default.

    But I can usually find the news from MSN echoed on the nightly news from my local channels so I think the influence is there.

    It's a shame they cannot simply do Here's the good and heres the bad. That would work on so many levels and it's a very large reason as to why bloggers like Michael Yon have earned such a huge following.

    Don't blow sunshine up our rears, but don't try to make the news match your personal views on subjects.
  7. My bold

    Here perhaps Parapa

  8. Fair enough, but what kind of prominance was it given on tv? Can you imagine how much more fuss would have been made if deaths doubled?
  9. In all fairness, that fuss would probably have been warranted
  10. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    IHT reporting shit, then?

    . . . must put Baghdad back on my list of places to go on holiday this winter . . .

    Still ain't heard the fat lady sing.
  11. I think it gives some scale to the size of the clusterfcuk where after 4 1/2 years, $468 billion (including $13.3 bn from the UK, but not contributions from Australia etc.), 4,000 dead and 30,000 wounded allied troops, people are getting excited about "only" 884 people getting killed over a 30 day period.

    I'd also be wary of jumping to a conclusion about the degree to which this can be considered a measure of success at this point. If October, November and December shows a similar trend, then fair enough but right now there's an equally good chance that it's a statistical anomoly. If it is a sign that the surge is working, then everyone on planet Earth knows that the surge is unsustainable. If you were the head of a militia, wouldn't you just lay low until the Spams left before kicking off to get control of the place?

    Even if this is all legitimate sustainable progress, and the militias aren't just waiting out the storm, we are still only just on step one of establishing a functioning state- and there about another 999 to go. So excuse me if I don't get too sexually excited about the number cellphones in use in Iraq just yet.

    Let's be honest, who would bet the deeds to their house on this having a happy ending, even if we did keep plugging away at it indefinitely?
  12. no, when did anyone say that?

    er, yea, that's what i was going for 8O
  13. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Sorry - my rather bleak sensayumour: you hit me with a barrage of stats, published - or so it seems to me - at the behest of POTUS, to persuade Joe Blow in downtown Peoria Ill., that it's all over in Eye-rack . . . etc etc

    Then the IHT (among others) publishes coverage of and aid agency's reporting that - in the midst of all these statistics - Cholera (AKA shittingyourselftodeath) has reached Baghdad, undeterred by The Surge.

    The Monserrat Caballe lookalike has a long wait ahead of her . . .
  14. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    I think the old boot in the glasses put her finger on it when she said: "We've had 5 years of the Pentagon telling us 'there is progress, there is progress': forgive me for being skeptical: I need to see a liitle bit more than one month before I get too excited about all of this".