US missiles hit Pakistan School

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kes1, Oct 23, 2008.

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  2. [post edited for being a mong]

    This incident is regrettable and is certainly not going to do US/Pakistani relations any favours.

    No defence of or justification for this incident is intended on my part, but then if Pakistani soldiers were stationed at the border preventing militants from crossing into Afghanistan, these attacks into Pakistani territory wouldn't be considered necessary.

    A militant is a militant, regardless of what side of an imaginary line in the sand he happens to be shooting at you from.
  3. Of all the countries involved in TWAT, Pakistan has taken the most casualties in fighting the Taliban. Accusing them of not doing enough is bloody ungrateful, to my mind. How would you feel if the same allegation was levelled at the British because we hadn't stopped insurgents getting into Basra?
  4. In that case I apologise. I was evidently speaking from the viewpoint of someone not in possession of all the facts and had assumed that because insurgents were crossing the border willy nilly, and there was no mention of pakistan being involved in T**T in any capacity, that they were not in fact, involved.

    The articles I did find that supported my original statement are:


    However I shall edit my original post :eek: .
  5. I think the word "school" in the report is typical misdirection by the BBC. The target was a madrassa, which you could call a 'school'. You could also call it a 'jihadist training camp and propaganda dissemination centre'.

    IMHO, no different from hitting a Hitler Youth training camp in WW2.
  6. Madrassas are religious schools and in that sense no different from faith academies or the Tims-only efforts we have north of the border. Some of them are radicalised and some aren't, even in the tribal areas. In many cases they're the only chance poor kids get of anything even remotely approaching an education. If that's 'propaganda dissemination', we should be bombing Tibet flat.

    Not uniformly Hitler Youth camps at all.
  7. They're not all 'Hitler Youth Camps', but some of them are. The Pakistani Army bombed one flat for this reason last year, remember?
  8. That was kinda my point. Violently agreeing again, Andy! :D
  9. American launch UAV strike again in Pakistan, after hitting Syria earlier this week is Bush going out with a bang?