US Military Warrant Officer Rank

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by uncle_vanya, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. Do British Squaddies - junior ranks have to salute US Military Officers with the rank of Warrant officer? Just a bit curious.

    Us our Military rank of WO1 & 2, Station Warrant Officer (RAF) and WO1 & 2 recognized as an equivalent rank as the US Military Sergeant Major under the NATO rank classification?
  2. Are they commissioned?

    No, they are not. So do not warrant a salute (see what I did there?).

    US WOs are strange breed. They are notionally (in their own orbat) above ALL enlisted but beneath ALL commissioned pax. They are there own sub-group of ranking. (Up to five ranks depending on service).

    That said, when working with them you may find some strange rank comparisons.

    ie. Our SSM became an E8 equivalent, but our Yeoman of Signals became a CWO2 and our Foreman of Signals became CWO3 (it could have been CWO3 and CWO4 but you get the drift). Despite all being WO2s in the British Army.

    This was early on when the Yanks had problems figuring out what rank the various allies were (Telic) hence the badges. I didn't wear one, as they thought a Cpl was a Cpl, but on talking to my 'equivalent oppisite' for the first time, I made a mental note to talk to 'higher' so to speak next time.
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  3. Yes. Warrant Officer (W01) and Warrant Officer (W02) in the American Army are not the same thing as the similar sounding Warrant Officer (WO I) and Warrant Officer (WO II) in the British Army. And we would appreciate it, thanks.
  4. You are required to salute a commission, not a warrant. Simples. Look it up in QR's if you want.
  5. Here we go again...
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  6. er, nope. Why you get a commission, come back. You may hold an officer equivalent rank that is saluted by your own forces, but we are only required to salute commissioned ranks. The equivalency is just that. We have Civil Servants that hold equivalent rank, they are not saluted as they don't have a commisison.
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  8. She'd get it. And the bird holding her.
  9. Yup, the septics do throw one up for their Warrant Officers. In true septic style depending on which document you read the rank is either an appointment or a commission. My understanding is that of the 5 rank levels they all receive their chitty from Congress, except the most senior grade of Chief Warrant Officer 5 whose chitty is signed by the prez.

    However their Warrant Officer rank is not like the UK WO rank - some functions require the individual to be a WO on taking up the job (Army CID investigator), a tad like the way all monkeys are Cpl's and RAF loadies are Sgt's.

    The closest comparator the UK has to a septic WO rank (that is a rank in between NCO's and Officers) is the RLC rank of Conductor, my old man was one of these. They get to drink tea with the Brigadier and growl at RSM's. There are normally around 8 or 9 of them as I recall - even more senior than the top badge man at the Guards or Sandhursts ASM.

    Conductor (Army) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    There are two (count them: two) whole threads available on this site about whether US Warrants get saluted (No they ******* don't) and who the most senior NCO is in the Army (The RASM outranks both GSM Lond Dist and the RAcSM).

    Do we really want to re-run both or either of these threads?

    Oh well, in your own time. Go on.
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  11. Conductor is not a rank, it's an appointment. The highest rank remains WO1 with the highest appointment at WO1 being conductor.

    The nearest we have to US WOs is not rank based, but trade based so REME Tiffy's, Sigs Supvr Radio, FOS, Yeoman. Etc etc.
  12. My mates about to do 22 years as a private, he reckons he will get an RSMs pension...
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  13. Errr. Yes they do get one thrown up to them by their own people.

    US Army Regulations, 600 - 25, Chapter 1, paragraph 5:

    If you read what I wrote you will note that I did not question the order of ranking of the various Sgt Major appointments. I merely stated that the RLC rank of Conductor out ranks them all. It pisses them off, duly noted more than a few times.
  14. And as has been said, British blokes don't salute spam WOs.

    Also Conductor is an RLC appointment, which out ranks other WO1 appointments.