US military warning about UK troops

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by gennithmedic, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. Could any of our colonial chums enlighten me, as to whether there really is a general warning given about UK troops. I like to think that the warnings not to drink, fight, look at the British squaddies are just urban myths. But then again...
  2. There is an Urban Myth.

    When the US Navy used to put into Hong Kong (pre-1997), the Yankee Sailors were allegedly given a small, credit-card sized card that gave them basic information about the Colony.

    US Ships are dry - there is no alcohol carried on board. Yankee Matelot would end up pissed quite quickly, having not a had a Miller Light for at least a few weeks. Inevitibly, he would come into contact with Pte T Atkins, who would seek to take as many of his recently exchanged HK Dollars off him, by playing cards or however.

    A fight would usually ensue, which Atkins generally won. Yankee would then be quite upset.

    So the card was produced to warn the Sceptics not to get pissed with Atkins, play him at cards or fight him, as it would all end in tears.

    If there are any Monkeys reading this who used to work in HKG, perhaps they can shed some light on it?

  3. When I was working in Jebal Ali free zone in the U.A.E in the early 90's there was a USN battle group that docked. An aircraft carrier , subs and various other ships. Plus a large number of marines/seals.
    A single RN frigate came into the port and all the US military where kept onboard until they left.
    I know this does not answer your question but it makes you think,maybe.
  4. I have a copy of a little handbook issued to G.I.s in WWII, with such wonderful comments as "Strange though the idea of having a King may be to you, be assured that they are as proud of him as we are of the Constitution" or "The British do not know how to make a good cup of coffee. You do not know how to make a good cup of tea. It is a fair trade"

    It also advises against attempting to steal a British lad's girl down the local pub.

  5. I've also read that handbook and recall that it's full of similar little gems that suggest that the author had never been to Britain. Worth starting a thread quoting snippets to build up morale?
  6. The US forces in Germany in the 80's were all issued with a card not drink,gamble with the brits.
  7. Link?
  8. I was in Hong Kong in the early 90s when some massive carrier came alongside and roughly 7000 marines got off.

    In the 'Green Apple' bar in Wanchai that night, said cards were very much in existence - in fact the USMC chaps thought they were hugely amusing.
  9. My cousin is RN and did an exchange with the US Sixth fleet. When they got into port, there were some RN ships there. According to him (and I have seen the picture) a huge sign went onto the flight deck of the USS Pensacola (an amphibious landing ship - like the old HMS Fearless) which stated:

    There are British Servicemen here: They will outdrink you, outfight you and steal your money.
  10. I aint got no link for that bit of info RFUK.Some yank showed me the card in the 80's in Berlin.
  11. On Ex Purple Helmet in 1996 at both Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune, I did hear there were whispers about staying away from whilst we were getting drunk........

    I do remember watching (as an observer) a section attack by Para Regt against entrenched US Marines. A few rifle butts and some punching was the order of the day and a very pissed off Marine officer making a complaint later in the day.
  12. I heard this from some septics summer of 2004 - so if they say it happened/happens it must be true!!

    Just to prove the point my SSM took their SNCOs out on the lash; result the next day was one chirpy SSM and several septic SNCOs with heads on tables and would vomit at the slightest movement.

    Unfortunately I was dry for all 3 1/2 weeks with them. That was fecking tough; although I do like their non-smoking policy
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    IntLi was in HK and should remember that lot, I was told by Fighting Dave "W" about it so I wasnt arguing with him.
    Bn rumour about us 1LI never being issued bayonets even for exercise goes back to SCLI doing the last bayonet charge on exercise in BAOR in the 50's, apparently put 5 yanks into Military Hospital.
  14. The most important thing here is that some of you said that it was true. That, above all else on ARRSE, proves that it is so beyond the merest shadow of a doubt.
  15. sawdusty wrote
    The most important thing here is that some of you said that it was true. That, above all else on ARRSE, proves that it is so beyond the merest shadow of a doubt.

    gennithmedic wrote
    Could any of our colonial chums enlighten me?

    Well can you sawdusty?