US Military Resettlement - Press Article

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by CardinalSin, Mar 28, 2010.

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  1. Is that Frank Bruno, great idea though, pretty sure that the big boys here already have a "headhunting" unit.
  2. Oh let me take a wild guess at that!
    Snivel Service=Nope
    Post Office=Nope
    Network Rail=Nope
    Wake up guys, no such thing anywhere here in civvie street, companies dont 'headhunt'
    As always, I'll say im wrong if anyone actually with written proof, proves me different. not just rumour. Proof...
  3. Strange that, i was "headhunted, through a very large organisation ,don't know if they still exist called Hayes,they had a specific "target" recruit for management level jobs in the security industry,for clients both u.k. and abroad.I have put this in writing for you. :D
    A good friends daughter was headhunted prior to leaving uni with a 1st class honours degree in law, so they are out there, maybe only in specific areas,as i said it is a good idea, one that our top companies should latch on to

    edited to read Hayes(recruiting)still going so i'am told
  4. I think we might be referring to headhunting specifically for ex-military folks, rather than of the graduate type. If I'm wrong then humble apologies etc etc.