US Military Recruitment Figures for September and YTD

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. Thank Andy for interesting info.

    I'm happy that our American friends haven't problems with recruitment. God help them!
  2. One minor point. While the Army did miss the goal of 80,000 part of the Army's goal was to add 7000 troops to meet Congress' mandated troop increase of 30,000. So essentially the Army was unable to add the additional troops, but added about the same number troops as in previous years.

    One questionable policy change has been to go after so called Cat 4 recruits - those that dont have a high school diploma. The Army will now pay for recruits to take the GED test so they then can enlist.
  3. And remember that the US have dedicated Recruitment Battalions. They make it someone's job to recruit (that's RECRUIT: not just have meetings and run a few £million worth of advertising as a palliative!) rather than tag it on to the list of objectives for a CO with more than enough on his plate already.
  4. Does anyone have equivalent figures for the UK forces?
  5. ^Sore topic. Allegedly ;) Recruit Group are getting their knickers in a twist over anyone asking direct questions on this subject.

    Probably safest to work on the assumption that we are not doing very well at all and join in the various discussions around ARRSE about how we could do it better.