US Military Recruiting figures for May and YTD

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by AndyPipkin, Jun 14, 2005.

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  2. The anti-war crowd [Vietnam] has once again become active against military recruiting. In my opinion it borders on sedition.
  3. That's the downside of freedom of speech I'm afraid. However, given that you were runners up in SE Asia (along with the French) maybe you could have saved a lot of lives by following their advice ? Just a thought.
  4. Their efforts actually started long before the Iraq war. They're just now using it to ramp up their cause.

    These groups (often with "Peaceworks" or similar in their name, or at least their "affiliated" organisation, used to be funded by the Soviet and Chinese governments. I wonder who funds them now?
  5. Billionaires with a socialist bent.
  6. Balls. It's exactly because their "advice" was followed by weak polititians that the US and Australians were "runners up" (the French don't count)

    Yes just roll over to "peace" groups funded by those you are at war with. Brilliant
  7. By every purely military metric you care to examine (body count ratio etc) the US won in Vietnam. They dominated the VC and NVA tactically. However, they could never win as long as they backed a South Vietnamese administration that did not enjoy popular support. The politicians you accuse of being "weak" saw this fact and bowed to the inevitable.

    Winning the Vietnam war meant imposing the South Vietnamese government on the locals against their will. When Saddam tried to do this to Kuwait we thought it a bad thing, so why was it the right thing to do in Vietnam ?

    And why on earth was the war started in the first place ? Because of some intellectually bankrupt theory about the "domino effect" and because the US was arrogant enough to think they could impose an unpopular government on a people without their consent by military force. And if you had succeeded in this aim then is that really what you want the US to stand for ?
  8. The majority of South Vietnamese didnt want to be ruled by Hanoi. Congress pulled the rug out from under them by cutting off funding for the RVN insuring their collapse.
  9. And many in North Vietnam fled south to escape from Ho Chi Minh and his reign of terror and fought against the VC and NVA during the war.

    Don't forget the thousands that tried to flee Saigon during the fall and the millions that tried to leave as boat people.

    Sometimes you don't realize how good you really have it until something worst takes over.