US Military Police jurisdiction in Germany

On my way to work today in Southern Germany, I saw 2 US MP's in woodland camo along with a polizei pair about to put the bracelets on a rather cross looking young man.

Just curious, but what's the jurisdiction of US Military police in Germany outside of US bases? they can sometimes be seen cruising around town in patrol cars.

I asked a spam at work, and he thinks they can pull anyone, and have equal powers to the local plod. He also reckons that the US Marine Corps marathon is one of the hardest on earth because it’s organised by the Marine Corps. So as you can imagine, I don’t always take what he says as gospel.
You can refer to the following link: Reg/USAREUR Reg 190-62 20000703.pdf

In short MP's have jurisdiction over US Mil and Civ in a HN (Host Nation), but may under certain circumstances detain German civilians
from link above said:
U.S. laws, regulations, and international agreements govern MP authority in USAREUR. MP have law-enforcement authority
over U.S. military and civilian personnel. MP authority over HN and third-country civilians varies from country to country. In
GE, MP may--
a. Detain HN and third-country civilians for release to local authorities only if--
(1) The person is caught committing a crime and the identity of the person cannot immediately be established or there
is reason to believe the person may flee.
(2) German authorities request that person be detained.
(3) German police cannot be called in time to detain the person, waiting for German police to arrive creates a
dangerous situation, and there is strong reason to suspect the person of a crime.
b. Disarm and search a person if the person is detained under the provisions of a (1) above. MP may seize items in the
person’s possession that may be evidence of the crime.
c. Make a citizen’s arrest under German law. German citizen’s arrest laws--
(1) Apply only to criminal acts.
(2) Do not apply to violations of good order, such as disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, or drunkenness (UP
d. Deny entry to or remove persons from an installation for good cause (including violations of discipline and good
order). If the removal involves force, MP will call the HN police for assistance.
I thought the US wanted to police the world by armed force.......

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