US military planned nerve gas test on Australian troops

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by flyboyEB, Jul 6, 2008.

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  2. I remember watching some History channel on how the UK did this type of thing to the Diggers back during the later part of WW2 in the far east, except mustard gas was used & the poor sods were volunteers. The film of what happens afterwards made very grusome watching.
  3. Hmm, take it the yanks didn´t have enough men to test this on then? Or were they expecting dfferent results from Aussies?
  4. If the beer then was as bad as the beer here now they'd have been ok, aussies are brought up drinking beer which must be 50% chemicals.

    I've never had so many headaches after drinking as I get here.

  5. Dehydration? :p
  6. Different results, indeed. Some non-Americans getting maimed for life. Can't have hometown boys getting used for this sort of shit when there are plenty of foreigners lying around doing nothing.
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    In 1957/8 I saw (as part of a naval NBCD course, this being the highlight of the 'C' bit) a colour film about mustard gas and what it could do to you, filmed in the Queensland jungle where the gas (Mustard isn't technically a gas, but there you go) would persist on the vegetation. The participants I understand were convict volunteers who would thereby gain remission. Their scrota wre a sight to behold. Slight interruption when the office sitting next to me slid away unconscious under the seats and two Commanders gently carried him out to recover in the sunshine (which he did - going to his golden wedding next month).

    PS wish someone had a copy to post on Youtube!
  8. IIRC the US also contaminated the forest from the air and dropped Aussie paratroops into and through it!
  9. Personally I have had no such problem on the many occasions I opted to drink a month's units in 24 hours in Aus...whereas Canadian beer, especially Molson, has left me alcoholically challenged and with a pulsing vein in my forehead that makes me look like a Bond super villain!
  10. It kills me, I wondered if it was dehydration until I saw pallets of beer sitting in the sun outside a bottle shop. That would send UK beer off in a jiffy, I wonder if they are loaded with preservatives so they survive being trucked around Oz in the heat.
  11. All of those non-dortmunder style generic lagers are chemical weapons!