US Military May Be Forced to go to Standard Camo Pattern Across All Services

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    About time. It has all got a bit silly, no?
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  2. Dear God I pity the poor serviceman who has to fight a ship wearing that.
  3. Lots of Navy on land. Medics, doctors, nurses serving with USMC units. SEALS, EOD etc

    For shipboard use there is nothing wrong with the uniforms they traditionally wore IMHO
  4. Blue camp at sea was a brilliant idea when a man/woman goes overboard in the BIG blue sea!
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  5. Perhaps so, but it could always get worse; as bad as this, for example -

    View attachment 125205

    ''A camouflage uniform with GBFO reflective armbands'? Yes, Your Eminence, I shall implement it immediately. How would we cope without you?'
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  6. if we got rid of the RAF uniform the polyester, nylon industry would go bankrupt.
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  7. Those were my exact thoughts when I saw that, emperor mong mk1.0.
  8. I believe the USMC Marpat™ design would be a popular choice for other arms of service (except for the little eagle, globe and anchor built in to the design), but the USMC owns the design it so the other services can't use it.

    There's a great quote on the Wiki page:

    MARPAT is also important in that it identifies warfighters as Marines to their enemies, while its camouflage simultaneously helps Marines to remain concealed.

    This was demonstrated by a Marine Spokesman who, when MARPAT was launched, said,
    "We want to be instantly recognized as a force to be reckoned with. We want them to see us coming a mile away in our new uniforms".

    Isn't wearing camo supposed to make that difficult?
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  9. It's a Marine form of (il)logic.

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  10. Look at history. When the most successful army in the world was at its most successful, they wore red tunics.

    You win wars by killing the enemy, not by hiding from them. And you win the peace with razor-sharp creases and shiny boots.

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  11. My personal view is that you only need three colours of uniform - white, khaki and olive green - depending on the environment. "Camouflage" patterns don't improve invisibility when a soldier moves or is silhouetted and natural shadow (either from surrounding objects or from himself) will provide the effect that multi-colouring of fabric strives to attain. You'll get the multi-colour effect just by having his equipment a slightly different shade.

    Compared to the landscape, a soldier is a tiny entity. Making good use of cover reduces his visible size even more.
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  12. *and white painted rocks adorning the edges of all the paths within the CP that in turn become lethal projectiles when the CP is mortared. BRILLIANT!

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