US Military Leaders May Resign to Protest Obamas Indecision

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. The frustration within US military circles is growing every day the White House waffles on its decision regarding Gen. McChrystal's recent request for reinforcement of the US effort in Afghanistan. Many believe the senior leadership should tender their resignations en masse to force a decision.

  2. Obama made many references to "the new plan", on several occasions. He also said that he would do a surge in Afghanistan.

    McCrystal gets appointed to write "the new plan", which did not exist yet on the many occasions that Obama referred to it.

    He writes "the new plan", which of course involves extra troops, and is basically told that "the new plan" won't do, and there won't be a surge.

    He did a conference yesterday, and his facial expressions and mannerisms gave a strong impression of an exceedingly frustrated man. Who can blame him?
  3. Indeed. This is a tough time for the good General--may soon be a time for moral courage sufficient to resign.

    This inexcusable and immoral delay and indecision is yet another example of politics as usual in spite of all the hope and change rhetoric. But we must be charitable to our Commander in Chief--he had to first go take care of that hugely important matter of lobbying for his home boys in Chicago for the Olympics.
  4. Yes, the whole Olympics thing was rather unprecedented and transparent, rather like all the union pork built into HR 3200 and the tyre tariffs on behalf of the steelworkers unions...

    if I was McCrystal and had the stones, I would write a resignation letter something along the following lines:

    Dear commander-in-chief,

    1st, you said there was a new plan, when there wasn't. You then appointed me to write the new plan. When I wrote it, you told me it wouldn't do, yet you did not say what would do. You clearly have more important things to do like giving your "homeboys" (and home girls like Valerie) in Chicago the chance for some seriously lucrative corruption, and having dinner with Bill Clinton. You suck more than Fox News said you would during the campaign, and I can't abide working for a fool, especially one who set me an important task and then sidelines me and ignores me. You are a fool I do not pity, since your narcissism and hubris leads you to bring it upon yourself. Consider this my resignation. Peace out, motherf*cker.
  5. I very much fear that we will lose some of our best senior officers if this continues. I can't help but believe Gen. Jones is spitting nails right now and would also not be too surprised if he quits too.
  6. The face of an exceedingly frustrated 4*:

  7. US Republican Representative says military officials may quit.

    And stop there.
  8. Indeed. I can't see anyone quitting yet - I'd expect Obama to make a call in the next ten days or so.
  9. At his wife's command? Isn't she a Windy City girl?

    It seems to me that Obama has made more speeches in the last eight months than the rest of the post-WW2 presidents put together, but I don't yet see any real evidence of decisive leadership, to put it mildly. My (mostly retired and therefore free to speak their minds) US military friends are sceptical to a man; they all seem to see this Afghanistan decision as a watershed for him, and some of them think he'll buckle under the pressure.
  10. Good insight. Since posting this , however, in fairness to our Commander in Chief I should add that he was able to squeeze Gen. McChrystal in for an intense meeting of approximately 26 minutes. That equates to about 20 seconds per page of the good General's report. I hope they are good at speed reading and talking.

    As I also have said, such indecision by the US under such circumstances (Gen. McChrystal is the hand-picked choice of the President to "handle" Afghanistan under the strategy the President had decided upon when the General was sent, he has been in country only several months such that conditions have not radically changed since he was sent and has prepared a fulsome an unambiguous report) should also be a source of great concern to the UK and all our other allies, not only for this campaign but more broadly.
  11. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Unlike our gen,s who only whine and bitch about the sitting goverment after their pensions are secure and they have retired. HO HUM
  12. "IF" McCrystal did resign over this issue, it would be a thunderclap across the Military and expect him to be immediately villified. Indeed some have started already, bringing up his signing off on a valor award for Tillman as somehow a dark plot. I hope it isnt to that level where a Theater commander has to resign to get action for his men and women.
  13. I share your hope but am growing increasingly pessimistic.
  14. Question:

    If the additional troop are sent to General McChrystal where will they come from. They will come from a group in the teeth arms (primarily) that have been commuting back and forth to Iraq/A'stan for the past 8 years. Obam may want more troops deployed but he has not shown, at least so far, any desire to increase force strength to the pre-Clinton levels. The US Army was reduced in size by about 250,000 by Clinton and is still about 200,000 below the pre-Clinton numbers. There is a limit to what troops will accept for stress and strain on their families. The Army is being affected the most but there is impact on all services. The son of one of my friends is a SEAL officer and has been over there more than here in the 3 years since he was commissioned. A colleague at work had a broken engagement during his second activation with the Guard.

    The senior officers have been in for a long long time and they do care deeply for the troops, sailors, etc that they command. Any 4* will get a good pension and great post-service job offers. Resignation might be a better option than taking part in the destruction of a service they have come to love.
  15. Well, there's several ARNG Bdes. that havent been overseas since 2005.

    My former one contributed a TF element last year of 1100, but the entire Bde knows its future.

    Was just talking to a Colleague I hadnt seen since he returned from the Stan and gave him my kudos. Last week I saw his Citation at the Armory. During an ambush he ran over several Taliban shooting at the others with his M1151 and apparently terry decided he had enough that day and beat sandal.