US military has too many white, male leaders - Commission

Discussion in 'US' started by DavidBOC, Mar 8, 2011.

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  1. Saw this article today:

    The Military Leadership Diversity Commission was created by the 2009 Defense Appropriations Act and has been meeting monthly since September of 2009.

    The complete report is available at:
    Final Report

    Not sure how this will work out. I would prefer that our military leaders be selected for promotion based on things like intelligence, education and leadership ability. It appears some other factors may be coming into play.
  2. This will go over well. I just read the head of this committee has never been overseas or commanded a strategic or tactical unit in his 33 years. A Staff Weinie since 1971, that must be a record even for the USAF.

    Lester Lyles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3. I never heard of such a load of cobblers in my life. :geek: Now there's whining that the officer ranks are too male, too white and tooo butch, or something. Well, the board may recommend all it likes that women be allowed to serve in combat so that they can compete for higher ranking jobs on a more equal basis in later years, but I don't see it happening - no not even if the combined hags of Project Pink handcuff themselves to mens rooms in the Pentagon. There's some things you just can't force on to people through social agitation.
  4. As there is a black male holding the highest office in the country, there really is no excuse now for not climbing the ladder.
  5. And I seem to recall that the Commander in Chief of the UK forces is a fine and respected older white lady. She often is associated with a Greek fellow who is a Fleet Admiral.
  6. "Promotion and job opportunities have favored those with battlefield leadership credentials."

    Hoo '*******' Ray!! And the problem with that is what exactly??????????
  7. U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., said he will propose the appointment of an assistant secretary for trafficking issues because he suspects that the policing of juicy bars near U.S.
  8. Because I don't feel like downloading the entire 21mbs of the final report, perhaps someone could clarify something for me: is the reporting saying that the senior leadership of the army needs to change, or the entire Army? Looking at the demographic data from 2009 (see here, the figures are almost reflective of the entire Army. They mirror the demographics of the total commisssioned officers almost entirely, although I would note that there is a greater percentage of black and hispanic in the enlisted and warrant officer ranks.

    The issue, so far as I can see, seems to be that it is assumed that the demographics of Army leadership should reflect the demographics of society, rather than the demographics of the Army. This is not an issue of leadership, but rather an issue of recruitment and societal attitudes.

    Further, I'm not convinced that the current status quo is necessarily a bad thing. This Article from 2008 makes the following points about military demographics:
    It all smells like an exercise in quota setting (similar to what we're hearing about women in CEO position quotas, in honour of International Women's Day) that disregards every other selector of position, such as capability or commitment.
  9. Well it'll be interesting to see those responsible for such 'equality' initiatives run for cover and turn on each other, when after crowbarring women and those of an ethnic persuasion into positions above their capabilities simply to meet quotas and American servicepersons are killed as a result.
  10. Sorry? I don't understand this. A politician being responsible for something that goes wrong? It is bound to be the military's fault for poorly implementing their excellent idea.
  11. During the 60s, American liberals were greatly distressed by the fact that there were a preponderance of black soldiers in combat units in Vietnam; now it seems that it was an early attempt at Equal Ops - to give them the battlefield experience necessary to one day secure one of the top jobs.

    There's no pleasing some people.
  12. I expect that the loonatic fringe in UK will be demanding the UK's forces (such that they are) be led by an immigrant Musselman in the future. Couldn't be a woman of course, since women have low standing under Islam.
  13. Hey I'll have you know Islamists are leading the way in equal opportunity terrorism, just look at all the female and mentally disabled suicide bombers they're recruiting.
  14. Yeah, but curiously enough, Suicide Bomber is a trade role that is very seldom represented in the organisation's senior leadership. If someone wants to fund it, I'd be quite happy to research this topic and produce an extensive report on why.
  15. Yes sadly all the good ones blow their load too early in their career. Taxi!