It appears that senior US military figures may be less than happy with the prospect of their future Commander in Chief and in concert with Dick Cheaney are trying to create difficuolt situations.

Anyone heard any more on this?

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What is your source.

And did you mean 'Dreading' ?
By difficult situations do you mean signing new procurement contracts with high withdrawal costs or military situations which are difficult to get out of? Like invading Iran...
Interview with possibly the most respected active US Military Commander around

He seems to be agreeing with Obama on certain points, unpalatable as they may seem.

So if Petraeus backs him to a certain extent then which other Commanders are going to try wilful obstruction?

Have there been any resignations from the Brass , or any pending?


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First I've heard of it. I do know that Pentagon, State and Hill civvies (not to mention my GS-15 NCS boss) seem to be chuffed to Naafi break about the result. I personally know at least half a dozen who claim to have been amongst the thousands outside the White House on election night singing "Na na na na, Na na na na, Hey hey hey, Goodbye".
crabtastic said:
...seem to be chuffed to Naafi break about the result...
Can I get an English translator please?
I believe, with some basis which I am unable to discuss, that if you were to poll all the senior (4*) officers you would find that the majority would concur with General Petraeus. Some months ago I learned that senior military officials felt that McCain was NOT pro-military and that Obama was not regarded as anti-military. I disliked Obama for other reasons but the reason I did not vote for him had nothing to do with support for the military.

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