US military considering enlisting foreing recruits?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by dazzer, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. I'm not an expert on this but the recent story by the
    Boston Globe (I hear it is a Guardian type paper)
    states that the Bush goverment might increase troop levels
    by recuiting GIs from abroad.

    To any Americans/or anyone who knows about this kind of thing.

    Do you think this will happen within the next year? And what kind of reaction would such a draft get in the states?

    I remember reading that Filipino nationals could join the US navy. If this law was to come about who would be able to join? I'm sure there would be barriers for anyone coming from Syria/Iran/Iraq or similar countries.

    I haveno prior thoughts on this as I have little knowledge about how the US military recruits its soldiers so I don't have a slanted view. Any
    light being shed would be great though! Cheers!
  2. Come on spell check before you post!
    It's really annoying
  3. I did it so I could keep you awake!
  4. Fair one, tell me what you think you got wrong?
  5. Well You can see I made an arrse of myself with the title but
    you know, nothing I can do about it now and it is one of those
    things that are sent to test us! I'm looking forward to some interesting
    anwsers from it, how about you?
  6. It is my understanding that as long as you can work legally in the US you can join the US armed forces - obviously there are some jobs you cannot do. If you do a combat tour you automatically get citizenship.
  7. It's not a new idea the French have been doing it for a long time. They had the decency to call it the Foreign Legion.
  8. From what I have read though. They are thinking of
    recruiting 'non-resident' non citizens. Foreigners can join
    as long as they are legal in the states but they have to be first

    The French do it and we do it with our Commonwealth troops
    serving within the British army. Does anyone think this will be
    reality within the US military?
  9. I believe you have to be a citizen to be an officer though correct?
  10. The US have been served well by Puerto Rican soldiers, and its a very short cultural hop from San Juan to Manila. With the current high level of unemployment in the Philippines, I doubt uncle Sam would have any difficulty attracting volunteers.
  11. Actually there is news afoot that illegal immigrants will be extended certain rights if they sign up and do a 4 year contract honourably.

    Only caveat is, they must not be felons and they cannot serve in the officer corps or hold jobs that require a security clearence. Plus they must be able to speak English.
  12. Nice one Devil_Dog, You don't have any news links or will this be announced soon?
  13. Its good to see some sensible joined-up thinking for a change. Hispanic troops have all the cojones you could ask for, I'm sure they would distinguish themselves in very short order.
  14. Existing law allow corporations to sponsor employees for a green card. During Vietnam the US allowed foreigners to enlist in the Army. By the way PR is a territory of the US just as Guam is. At present foreign born soldiers who apply for citizenship are fast tracked which means 4 years to become a citizen.
  15. I've heard that prior military experience can rule you out in the Air Force National Guard/ Navy reserve.

    I am happy to be corrected by our resident cousins on this board.