US Military Comd Says Brit Troops Have Poor personal Hygiene

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Arai, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Nice to know the Fookers are behind the troops. "NOT"
  2. They're probably bang on actually. In all the units I've served in, I've always been within several feet of a grot.

    It's not very sporting of them to air their laundry in public though. They're a bunch of insufferable posing retards with abnormally oversized heads and mouths, but you don't see Gen Dannat whinging about that to the meeja, do you?
  3. FFS. :x

    Anyone who has ever worked with the yanks will know hearts and minds, internal security and getting on with the locals is not their best feature. Not that good at winning wars either come to think of it!

    Best thing to do with the US Commanders (the equivalent of a bandsman recruit excused boots and saluting in a proper army! - sorry to offend any recruit bandsmen here) comments is print them off and use them as Arrse paper.

    The whole world and his dog (strapped with cemtex or otherwise) hate the yanks not hard to see why is.

    On a personal note I am so glad my ex wife married a septic.......oh how she must suffer :D :D
  4. jackarrse216 have you been a F##KING PRICK all your life or just when you type in here. When was the last time you served with US force??? Talk in fact and not oneliner bollox!!!
  5. agreed...there are lots of grotters out any RM what they think of the army's hygiene!
  6. The yanks probably knock off take a shower then wash and iron their kit before going to pizza hut
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Clearly "the US Commander" does not read Michael Yon.

  8. Last time I had dealings with US forces was 2005, prior to that in the 90's seen enough to make a comment - or perhaps you want to out me as a walt.
  9. Not at all.......... you have the absolute right make outdated comments that are not relevant today. You are very entitled to have an opinion, but if it's outdated (which in this case it is) then say so from the outset.

    oh and CGS(Des) thinks we are a shambles as well; it's on public record.......... care to comment?
  10. Funny how the Journos never will name the Alleged US Marine commanders who make these Comments

    Even funnier how some here bite on the Journos words
  11. Yea can you post up or send the link for the CGS (Des) comments?
  12. Now now fellas. Let's try to wait until we have a bit more information and context on these alleged criticisms.

    While I won't try to tell you that every US Marine officer would not say such things without adequate justification and certainly not in a "public" forum, I can say it doesn't square with either my personal experience in joint ops with UK forces or with my even better knowledge of the level of maturity and professionalism expected of US Marine officers of senior rank (I am assuming the reference to the Marine commander was to a Colonel or above). We are often the victims of our own (and Hollywood's) propaganda in that only the physical and warrior aspects of our Corps are highlighted at the expense of the brainpower that is now required to rise through the ranks (to the extent I could never survive there now!). We have our mavericks of course as does any service, but again these alleged quotes just don't "feel" right. At the very least the context is missing.

    I readily admit I am biased as hell in that I have 40 years' experience with my Corps and that experience tells me something is missing here. Accordingly, I do not think some of the reactionary comments thus far are justified. I suspect that they are largely from those who have not actually served with US Marines, especially in combat.
  13. It was in the papers, a few weeks ago. Hair cuts etc
  14. Bored now