US/Mexican Border.

Discussion in 'US' started by Str8Bloke, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Drudge on 16 March2009 had a report that Obama was "thinking" of using troops to defend the US border from the chaos in Mexico.

    It's a big border, where will the US find troops from? Would you like some British troops to defend San Diego, or Reno?
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    No. What a stupid idea. And obviously it will never happen.
  3. What "chaos in Mexico?". If you are referring to protecting the border in a law-enforcement way then the Posse Comitatus Act would make that a no-goer.
  4. All it will require is troops deployed at points near cities. UAV's can patrol long stretches of territory and coordinate with small and mobile quick reaction units. Minefields and remote controlled machine guns posts with cameras mounted can be set up in open areas along the border and any gaps can be used to set up fences to funnel any remaining illegals deep into the desert where they won't have much chance of survival.
  5. Ron mate they are people wanting to have a better life not the feckin taliban.
  6. Were you an East German border guard in a previous life?
  7. Sorry, no more room left at the inn. :roll:
  8. That's all right. Texas has loads of stables!
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    In a country where hundreds (if not far, far, more) of illegals are crossing that porous border everyday and Spanish is the official second language, that doesn't really ring true. And anyway, the whole point of the U.S. is that it is a country formed on migrancy and mass immigration from its inception onwards. I would be unsurprised if my assumption that is the most migrated to place on the face of the planet is true.

    A big fcuk off wall a la Israel/West bank might be the answer, but it would cost far too much money for such a large border.
  10. Less to do with illegal immigration and more to do with the fact that there is almost open warfare down there between the police and army and the drug cartels.

    Drugs are going north over the border and guns are going south fueling the whole thing. There are also recent reports of murders taking place in the US linked to the drug gangs.

    It would not be against Posse Comitatus to use the National Guard in support of the Police.
  11. You are absolutely correct, instinct, and US has been built upon immigration - legal and non-legal for its history. WOP - a term used against Italian immigrants - meant 'without papers.'

    What is going on here is covert racism, though most Americans will deny it. Those coming across the border are mostly of mixed race, and that is a fact.
  12. Taking people away from there jobs is going to realy hurt the economy. Plus the NG is having enough trouble with retention from iraq and afghanistan.
  13. They have plentry of troops, over a million one understands so defending it with numerous checkpoints etc would be piss.

    I wouldn't get involved in any of that shite either.

    Nor will it ever happen.
  14. Very true, but if the violence did spill across the border the results could be even worse.

    The situation is making politicians down in Texas very nervous already. . You will have to bear with the crap interview technique to hear what the Senator is actually saying.
  15. US forces (Well Corps of Engineers) have been deployed already. They remade the beach defences in San Diego back in the '90s.

    A defence is only as good as the men actively defending it.

    Even Obama is getting scared at the way Mexico's going. Migrant criminals are killing people as far north as Canada. Including more murderers by Mexicans in the US than happened on 9/11.

    There's a saying, "Third World Migrants create Third World countries."