US Medics get Extra Trg for Iraq

While this is a Medical matter, it is not confined to the RAMC alone. US Army medics are now receiving extra experience by working on local ambulances along side the crew.

Good or bad idea?

One factor to consider is the reaction of the Trade Union to what they might consider 'Back door' exposure/training for a strike.

My main point is should Trade Unions have the right to prevent your right to better medical aid in order to deny the possible lessening of impact any future Ambulance Strike might have?
As ex-RAMC, I have to agree with Sluice_dweller on this one. Of any ten Septic medics I worked with, seven were shite!
One of them even flakied on me when he was supposed to be assisting me with suturing a head-wound.

I believe it is routine for US Army medics to work in A&E departments in Los Angeles to gain experience due to the high incidences of gunshot wounds. I'm sure this must happen in other places too. Any experience gained has got to be good, hasn't it? I know I'd rather not be a medic's test case.

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