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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by bigjarofwasps, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone answer these questions for me. The US marines, I see they have women in them, to that end do they have female infantry troops? Or can you join the Marines but be a chef or something?

    BJOW :headbang:
  2. The US Marine Corps is bigger than the British Army mate and includes all its own support troops- loggies, signallers, sappers, tanks etc and its own air force, not just helos but fighter and ground attack aircraft too. The medics come from the US Navy.
  3. No women serve in direct combat jobs in the US military (i.e infantry, recon etc) although many women serve in the Military Police and some of them get as close to the action as a lot of grunts.

    They are many women in the Corps and apart from infantry jobs , they are not restricted from any other jobs. They are just as skilled as any man I know.

    BTW, I could be wrong but there is a push to allow them into artillery and tank crews etc.
  4. Trip_Wire

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    I suspect there are female USMC pilots, both in fixed wing and Choppers, that could be involved in combat situations as well. All the American Armed forces have women pilots.
  5. There are- and some damn good looking ones too. No restriction on a/c type either. They're in everything from Hornets to Supercobras.
  6. With the recently announced increase to 202,000 active duty personnel, USMC will be bigger than the entire UK active military. It already has twice as many fast-jet squadrons as the RAF and more MBT's than the British Army.

  7. Cheers Babboon, interesting that they have their own loggies, etc, but medics come from the Navy, why is that?

  8. Cheers Andy. I believe that the National Guard is bigger than the British Army, they certainly have more kit.
  9. Army National Guard in 360,000 strong, IIRC. Plus 200,000 in the Army Reserve.

  10. Thats a lot of troops. How many is in the US Forces all told. And of them how many could be deployed to Iran, for the next phase opf the War on Terror?
  11. As far as I am aware, and taking into accoun t the recently announced increases (decreases for Navy/USAF)

    Army - 560000
    ARNG - 380000
    USARES - 200000
    USMC - 202000
    USMCR -40000
    USN - 340000
    USNR ??
    USAF - 300000
    ANG - 100000
    AFRES - 180000
    USCG - 43000

    So about 2.3 million in total excluding recent leavers stillliable to remobiliasation (IIRC this is called 'Individual Ready Reserve').
  12. 2.3 Million! That is about 0.77% of their population! Seems like alot imo... (the British figure is about 0.38%)
  13. bigjarofwasps said

    Because having medics, as a Marine military occupation speciality goes against all we hold dear: to engage and destroy the enemy in the shortest amount of time possible, without regard to public/European opinion.

    To do the most with the least is our rallying cry. All inspite of this guy.

    Semper Fidelis. OOOORRRAAAHH!!!

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  14. Largely, I think, it's historical - in ye olde days (ie pre WW2) the USMC wasn't very big; rapid/ massive expansion for the Pacific Campaign resulted in utilisation of existing assets, and the USN could provide ready trained medics.

    Since then it's been retained out of tradition, and because it gives members of the USN Hospital Corps another career angle. Plus, of course, it would be absurd to set up another separate medical corps when the primary role of the Marine Corps is expeditionary warfare carried out with the Navy.

    Think I'm right in saying that corpsmen attached to combat units have to undergo the same military training as the marines whom they'll support?
  15. Calm down please, Devil Dog. We aren't Europeans. Yet.