US Marines test new tactics...

There is a time and place for lots of different size of fighting force.

However, I think it is pretty well known that the Coy or Coy gp is very effective, simply because of the lack of span and the huge advantage of speedy decision making. Look at how we do things in Afghanistan. Coy deployments in the majority.
Well, I'm not impressed by the write up.

For one thing Being able to Handle Logistics, Call For Fire, and directing the Platoons has been going on in Army Company's since the First World War. Hell Call for Fire is a skill Level 2 task for Soldiers at least. I've called in Mortar fire, directed Kiowas and Apaches as a Patrol Leader.

And this:
Looking at the TO chart, there does appear to be a glaring lack of direct fire weapons; it doesn’t include a Javelin anti-tank missile section. Perhaps the idea is that on-call fires will substitute for direct fire capability

Christ we have 2 Javelins in every Rifle Platoons weapons squad.

It sounds as though they are trying to reinvent the MEU(SOC) in a Lighter mode.

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