US Marines show why they are the best

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Billboard, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. That's not an atrocity you gimp. Never been in a newly established location and the vermin (feral cats, dogs etc) have to be got 'rid' of?
  2. To put things in perspective a little, the USMC is quite a big organisation, approximately twice the size of the British Army, USMC reserve is bigger than the TA, how many arseholes do we have? Well double it.

    I believe picking puppies up by the scruff is the correct way to handle them. Whats the problem?
  3. Good sir im a very VERY poor 02 thief why? Because lolly gaggers like you and your oorah, hoorah or hooah? (oh who gives a fcuk ) Team America are still gasping in needlessly on your respirators. Obese cock suckers.
  4. As long as it was only a muslim puppy I dont see the issue!!
  5. It's rather heartwarming to see a Chav Bird like yourself try to use the media to advertise you and the Mums Donkey show. Were you the Fluffer(dragging your snagglepuss teeth down the donkey shaft) or the main hoop to be stretched?
  6. Great to see your profound posts gracing the boards bricker.

    IMO the sick, stupid fcuks in the 2 clips are the lowest form of humanity, but to relate them to the marine corp/US populous at large is unfair. Better to clump them together with bricker... mentally subnormal.
  7. They are probably Jews too, eh Tubs?
  8. Billboard's female?! Dammit, not again!
  9. Think the problem might be he then threw it off a cliff!!!
  10. It was clearly threatening life, Im sure I saw its bare teeth at one point ( I may be telling porkies) I love my dog, I love all dogs I have owned, it is a bondu dog walt. It went flying and died, probably far more humane than starving to death.
  11. I have an opinion on Middle East current affairs and now you harang me with insinuations of anti-semitism?

    1. Grow up
    2. Suggest you do the same to current USA administration/United Nations/European Union/Amnesty International/etc/etc/etc if you think it will swing opinion regarding Israel disregard for international law.