US Marines Leave Iraq-Shift Focus to Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Jan 17, 2010.

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  2. Frying pan, fire innit.
  3. Normally a bad thing, but I'd say they are temperamentally better suited to the latter.
  4. Much depends on how our civilian masters play the hand. Accordingly, given their performance thus far (and especially regarding Afghanistan) I am not especially optimistic. The best outcome I can see from the USMC standpoint is it will continue to provide combat experience for our youngsters that will no doubt prove beneficial in coming years when I fear there will be an increasing need for such skills. This is so as a consequence of the seeds of conflict we are now planting in terms of lack of will to stand against islamo-facism rather than continue to apologize for the Crusades, regard this epic conflict as a matter of criminal domestic law and the like. As has always been the case, acting in the manner of Neville Chamberlain is sending the wrong signal to our adversaries. Just my humble opinion, mind you.
  5. You may be right there, this is their kind of war.

    Institutionally The USMC is part rabid pitbull part colonial constabulary with a long experience in small wars not dissimilar from the British. Al Anbar in the end required a more devious approach and ironically that came in the end mainly from the lumpen heavy brigades of the US Army, personified by Gen Ray O.

    Let them be more fortunate on the North West frontier, give them tube artillery, air support and a Congress not running scared of the midterms.
  6. I don't know, USMC have always been pretty good at COIN, just look at Combined Action in I Corp area of South Vietnam. Not a bad record, but got lost amongst the bigger picture of search and destroy and body counts.

    That said, I'm sure they'll do well in Afghan also. Good luck to them.
  7. Seconded. Semper Fi. :)
  8. I was very impressed with the USMC when they took over in Basra, to say that they are not geared towards COIN does them a dis-service. Good troops, good commanders.
  9. I think the important thing to know is, will they be bringing a burgerking to Bastion?
  10. If the US Army or Air Force has not already done so, I would not hold my breath.
  11. Spot on, though!
  12. Dunno about Bastion but there is a big semi-trailer mounted Burger King at Bagram air base (at least there was when I was there last).
  13. They've already done well in Afghan.
    The 24th MEU cleared Garmsir in summer 2008 on our behalf due to our own inability to muster enough troops to clear and hold the ground.