US Marines in Falluja Video

America, fcuk yeah!!!! 8O

Try working with the yanks and the french-now that IS hard work!
It's been said before here, but might be worth repeating:

Best Airforce the Iraqis ever had ? USAF

Best PSYOPS unit the iraqi's ever had? India Company 3/1 Marines

At Mons I was always taught the importance of taking the adversary's perspective when conducting a Combat or an Intelligence Appreciation.

Does the concept of appreciation exist in that Army or are the cowboys just riding into the reservations and killing all the indians again??

All I see is life miserably attempting to immitate art. If only there was some evidence of the art of war??

< I preferred the cut with the Alanis Morisette soundtrack, myself>
Aunty Stella said:
It was missing the corny salute and the "hooooohaaaa" at the end.

apart from that, uter utter fcuking tripe.
Marines don't say "hoooohaaaa", you baggy hooped Welshman! :D

Good find T6.
Corporal said:
Good find T6.
good find if you want the world to see how not to do it ;)
"Marine basic is only 13 weeks because yanks are smarter and need less training."

Living as I do in the USA, with two Ex-Marines working for me, I know just how WRONG that comment is T6. For a strat their small unit tactics training and field craft training are not up to much. But that is the case, as the US Military has traditionally had much poorer material to work with compared to its British Counterpart.
What a bloody shambles, that's all I've got to say, what a bloody shambles. I'm vaguely in the TA and I'm not by any stretch of the imagination a combat effective soldier or whatever name your want to give being switched on, and I'm pretty astonished at how for a start redneckish the video is and also how slack they seem to be.

As for Americans being smarter than other people and therefore need less training, can you pull the other one please.
You would be right Tom 6
We are none of us perfect... :D
Finally something I can agree with. :lol:
When I first viewed the responses to the video I thought that I had inadvertently posted in the Naafi by accident. :p
"Marine basic is only 13 weeks because yanks are smarter and need less training."

Or they can't absorb anything else after that due to the low IQ entry requirement.

"When I first viewed the responses to the video I thought that I had inadvertently posted in the Naafi by accident."
Not a bad idea

What amazes me is that these chaps actually seem proud of this pro insurgent propaganda

"Gunny, why do they hate us? why did they blow half my Coy to shreds with car bombs? why don't they trust us? why don't they love the good ol' US of A?"

Go figure.......
Utter C0ck.

Did a god job of trashing the place, but from an operational and strategic perspective it accomplished the square-root of fcuk-all. Well done girls. All this video did is provide a source of propaganda to the enemy and demonstrate to America's allies what a useless bunch of fcukwits they have chosen to consort with.

For heaven's sake when are Uncle Sam's Misguided Children going to start acting like professionals with a job to do, rather than strutting around like over-rated arrses who appear to have lost the ability to engage in any kind of higher cognitive function? I know a lot of you that I've met are better than that, the overwhelming majority of officers I've met (and taught) are bloody good blokes and sharp as buttons (can't fly for sh1t though), but what the fcuk is the matter with the majority of your ORs? Surely you're not really that thick?

"Do it, don't enjoy it."- Ray Winston, Love Honour & Obey.

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