us marines get things of their chest

I think Ogrish is f'ucking sick m8.

U shouldnt go on there. Have u seen teh nepalese beheading vid? And that vid where they stick a knife in that Russian soldier's neck? Thats fuked up man.
Oh i just want to slap him so hard.........

and then i want to slap that cat.....
This frikkin idiot reinforces my opinion that our American allies need a complete rethink on their approach to hearts and minds ops.
Arrogance beyond belief...feel free to point out that I exhibit the same by posting such a generalised sweeping statement-but I've seen their hearts and minds in the Balkans and the Middle East first hand.
No regard nor respect for local culture, complete conviction that the US IS the best country in the world and anywhere else is a complete toilet bowl, and anyone who isn't American really really wishes they were.
I'd like to slap that muppet's frikkin head in too.
Do you think he would be quite so happy to have someone talk to his kids like that regardless of the language......i think not.......spineless...... :x
Now come on, those kids will NEVER know that they were chanting. And I have seen our blokes do the EXACT same thing with the kids in Iraq.

Infact I had the kids chanting "Don-Cas-Ter" on TELIC 1, surley thats worse than this vid!
Fellas, you just know that our troops would do the same, and why not. Its just letting of steam and trying to amuse each other, there not beating them or anything. I seem to remember there was something in the news about a reporter in Africa who came across some young lads who's only words of English were "chuffed to NAAFI breaks but I wouldnt f**k her". Wonder who taught them that!
Stephanie said:
yeh not just that though, anyone could wtahc that vid - wont go down well for any troops.
Well insurgent groups in Iraq post vids of them chopping peoples heads off... that does not go down too well either!

Actually I'm not really sure what the point i'm trying to make is... I may have to rethink this post!
As an American I think squigeypie got it right. Bunch of D1ckheads. Apparently to be a marine, you don't have to be necessarily smart or have common sense.

However, if you listen to what he says in the beginning, he said his heart went out to the kids but then after a while the paparazzi type following around got to them.

I recall tossing food to kids in korea and some guys chucking frozen moon pies at them. Those fools were promptly monkey stomped by some of the more sensible and sensitive members of the force. You guys got to remember that the soldiers shown in the vid are just kids themselves, and as such, do some pretty dumb stuff.

Don't let a few morons be the deciding factor for American foreign policy or the overall face of the military.
I understand what you are saying ghost_us but do they have to video it with such glee?
Nothing new on that vid, loads of people do it and will keep doing it. No harms coming from it, see any upset kids? Agree that it shouldn't happen but still funny.
A typical redneck to$$er with little to offer in the way of self expression. Not the best example to be aired in the public domain of their forces 'best'??

Possibly to be pitied than made a fool of methinks!

It's true that the kid baiting is probably harmless in the short term, equally it is indicative of the US approach to the Hearts and Minds problem.

Aside from that the US marines seemed to be poorly motivated and negative. Perhaps it's a cultural difference and I just see UK troops whinging for what it is.

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