US Marine tells Aussie women to cover up

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RhodieBKK, Jan 6, 2010.

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    A letter from a US Marine captain criticizing Australian women's clothing, or lack thereof, has prompted angry rebukes from Aussie men and women.

    Original Report here

    The trouble began when the marine, named Capt. John Campbell, went on a night out in Darwin, Northern Territory. During this night out, he was shocked at the skimpy clothing being worn by Australian females. Unable to contain his outrage, he wrote a letter to the local newspaper, the Northern Territory News.

    "It's about having standards, ladies," he wrote.

    "What are standards? Well, it can begin by dressing in a manner that leaves something to the imagination, to say the least."

    The letter has provoked nation-wide outrage in a country where a comfortable climate, not to mention a laid-back attitude, permits many to wear as little as they want.

    The Northern Territory News reported that it had been flooded with negative responses to the article. They interviewed one girl, a 19-year-old Darwin dancer named Lana Sandic, who said, 'Most Territory girls would say 'Put it where the sun doesn't shine'."

    Other responses were even less charitable:

    "Another bloody American trying to educate the world," a Nightcliff resident said. "Mate, look at your women in the US - Rosanne (Barr) to Britney (Spears). At least we have a bar to raise."

    Another reader wrote: "Leave your opinions in the USA. PS: You didn't vote for Bush by chance?"

    As the spat threatened to become an international incident, the US consulate responded that they could not find a serving US Marine with that name in Australia, and Northern Territory News confirmed they had been unable to contact the Marine since the letter had been received, thus furthering the mystery.

    Keen to have the final word on the issue, however, the Northern Territory News posted a link to an online gallery called "Beautiful Territory" that shows off some of the more skimpy Aussie fashions. What do you think?
  2. Was out in Darwin last year during their silly season at the start of the rains.

    It is tropical rainforest in conditions, hot and sticky all the time and constant rains.You see a lot of locals wearing as little as possible because whatever clothing you wear is liable to drenched in sweat in a matter of minutes.

    Quite common to see a lot of people walking around the city barefoot with just a set of shorts on and the addition of bikini tops for the girls.Bloody sensible if you want my opinion.
  3. Obviously a fairy aint he.
  4. Darwin women should cover up because they are hideous beyond measure, an affront to nature. There's probably a witty connection to be made with Charles 'Origin of the Species' Darwin. Anyone fancy a go? (my brain has crystallised)
  5. Lana Sandic

    A good old traditional Aussie name... Balkans lineage per chance 8)
  6. Sounds like a great publicity campaign.

    PS there are some mingers in that link.
  7. Hordes of them went to Australia after the second war.
  8. He better not visit Newcastle then.
    The fat half naked Geordie lasses will have him for breakfast.
  9. And their descendants are still congenitally insane, and in Darwin. I love Darwin, and Canberra too. And Canungra. Shoalwater Bay is lovely.
  10. [​IMG]

    In fairness, this one could do with covering up a bit. A brown paper bag over the head immediately springs to mind.

  11. The Big Market on a mid-winters Saturday night can be quite startling :D
    In a pleasant sort of way :p
  12. Ten years ago I worked with a Skippy called Artemis, she had came from Outside Darwin and spoke of the horror of being pawed by Yank Booties.

    For some reason she liked the Black marines over the average white ones. Mind you she wasn't shy when it came to sex, although she did shy at Scotsmen for some reason. It transpired her dad was German who relocated down under after ze war.
  13. I know, and they are still going today. My other half is the doctor with the IOM who checks them before giving them the tick in the box for the next step.