US Marine Stabbed in Back by Shoplifter

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jumpinjarhead, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. Indeed so. No crime in Va I am sure. ;-)
  2. Is The Hinterland Gazette a normal every day publication, or does it have tendencies towards 'the far right' of the political spectrum.

    I just googled 'Tracy Attaway' and came up with this

    The Hinterland Gazette

    My bold, in The Uk, when a crime is reported in the MSM, ones ethniticity is not described until after trial and the guilty bastards are sent down.

    They even mention his colour twice, as well as publishing his photo, just to make sure people get the message he was not, and will never be a 'good old boy'

    Well done Cpl Phillip Duggan, although I'm sure he's wandering how he came to be hospilatized by collecting Toys For Tots.
  3. So, the way The Hinterland Gazette reports it, the marine was nicking a laptop when he was stabbed by a black man, presumably a bit of vigilante justice.

    ....'charged with stabbing US Marine Cpl Duggan as he attempted to shoplift.....'

    Is it written by children?
  4. Never heard of the publication although it appears to be by a Black with an agenda such that referring to the perp's race advances it. In general, it is not referred to in the US even when there is an all point bulletin out for people to be on the lookout for a fleeing felon and his or her race would be relevant in that context. PC madness.

  5. Certain parts do come close-the Shenandoah Valley for example.

    AHHHMMMMMMMMMMM (best I can do phonetically for the Nirvana chant)
  7. Hope the Marine makes a swift recovery. And that the scumbag is punished to the full extent of the Law.

    What sentence is he likely to receive if found guilty, JJ? I'm willing to bet it's rather tougher than our own so-called justice system would hand down for a similar crime...
  8. Lessons will be learnt, conclusions will be mirrored in the findings from multi-agency reviews. There will be missed opportunities to assess significant concerns, and naturally, a spokescreature will be wheeled on to provide the usual justification for the hysterical overreaction and further debasement of our justice system
  9. Indeed but what is your point other than to merely state the obvious--except the soaked lumber thing--we use burlap wrapping off the cotton bales old son ;-)
  10. Race aside, the word "cnut" comes to mind. I hope the Marine recovers and the stabber ends up learning the real meaning of "back stabbing" during his time in pokey.

    Being in a Southern state though, surely someone should have been at hand with a large arsenal and a burning upright with a horizontal cross member.
  11. Does it matter? It’s only taxpayer’s money, after all….
  12. Here in NYC we will get a report of a rapist describing every bit of clothing he wore but wont mention his race. So, Gee were supposed to look for a guy in a NY Yankees cap with sweats on. Narrows the suspects down to 3-4 million.
  13. Exact same thing in Atlanta although if you hear the area of the city and nature of the crime you can usually make fairly accurate guesses. Just as in the PC idiocy of not "profiling" by our airport security to focus our resources on the most likely threats, our public officials are afraid to let the public know vital and legitimate information about criminals on the loose.
  14. Well how long does one need old fellow? And I might ask how would you know? ;-)