US Marine in manly snog fest.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_guru, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. Can't see it's been done but I was quite worried on what to search for.

    Anyway, after the first lezzer snog on return from tour, the blokes are getting in on the act now with a brazen bit of man on man snoggage.

    I think a polite shake of the hands would have sufficed.

    Gay marines follow in wake of lesbian home-coming kiss | Mail Online

    Like I said, feel free to delete if the gay/anti gay storm has already blown into town.
  2. Not more or less brazen than this really:

  3. I'm glad that JJH isn't alive to see this shit. He would find it disturbing. :omg: :omfg:
  4. JJH is dead? 8O
  5. Was he moonlighting as Dale's dog?
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  6. He might as well be if the Marines have degenerated into ruff 'n' tuff men exchanging spit, sharing soap and picking out soft furnishings together. Can't believe in anything these days, Christ on a crutch! :omg: :;-): UGH!!!

  7. He will be when he sees it.

    Aneurysm or heart. Place your bets.
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  8. I hear that the Phelps family are having collective conniptions.
  9. I prefered it in the old days - Don't ask don't tell.
  10. All members of the Westboro church have spontaneously combusted.
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  11. What would FM Bernard Law Montgomery say? (He made a laughing stock of himself in Parliament nothing like this could possibly exist in his army.) Personally, "Ugh!" is my reaction. Keep the passion for somewhere more private. Times do certainly change ...
  12. Damn influence of 3 para mortars again....
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  13. This is going to be hard on Gomer's piles.
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  14. Nice to see the royal marines traditions of homosexuality have crossed the pond.
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  15. That made me larf. :p