US Marine Corps Marathon 2012 Washington (not Tyne & Wear)


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Guys and gals,

good luck to anyone from these shores taking part in this year's MCM in Washington DC today. The Royal Navy contingent will be there in strength, with Royal in particular keen to once again demonstrate the superiority of the RM ( Real Marines :-D )

Not least best of luck to our own Fair Maid O' Perth who will be carrying the Irn Bru flag to parts of the New World where Scotland's favourite hangover cure is unknown :)

If any Arrsers know the lady and want to post loud encouragement on her FB page - I think it would be very much appreciated

This just in:

Think lots of positive thoughts, I really need them.
Sock it to 'em FMP - target time to beat set by this lady a few years ago...and you will breeze past her PB ! Have a great day - and if its a toss up between suncream or a Sou'Wester...wear both!

Oprah Winfrey 4:29:15



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Good man Sophiisticist - I take it Hurricane Sandy is growling up the Carolinan shore then ?
Good luck in this weather!


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If it 'ant raining it 'ant training


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She'll hack it......Made in Scotland - Frae Girders!

If anyone has comms with JumpingJarhead on that side - plse relay ?
jumpinjarhead has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
Lovely day for a gentle trot down Pennsylvania Avenue !
Today (Sunday): Breezy showers are possible today. It’s probably wetter east of I-95 than west. Heavier rain likely moves into the Eastern Shore during the afternoon. Winds from the north increase to near 15-20 mph with gusts around 25-30 mph. Those cool winds and cloudy skies keep temperatures cooler than we’ve seen lately with highs only near 60. Confidence: Medium-High

Best of luck to all taking part over there today - Semper Fi peeps!

Don Cabra
Just spotted this, thanks for the encouragement. It was a tad windy ...... not a good time, 4h35m41s. That last steep hill was a bugger. Superb organisation, except for the very end, a long walk to bag collection. Cracking medal, it weighs a ton. I did see a RN guy flying past with the leaders. And thanks to the guy with the Royal Ensign who spotted my Saltire running vest and cheered me on. The crowd support was wonderful.

Flight out cancelled tomorrow, no idea when I'll make it out .... the shops ran out of water yesterday, glad I stocked up. This could be fun!

If you've never been to Washington then I can highly recommend it, loads of memorials, museums and galleries. A must is Arlington, give yourself lots of time for that.

Now off for a beer, one must rehydrate =-D


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Good effort youse - just trying to shake off the paparazzi by wearing the non-Irn Bru shirt eh!

Very well done.....hope being delayed in DC by a mere hurricane is not giving you excuse for a Monday morning no-show I've ever heard !

Take the time to potter , even if its only around the hotel, ...and take the damn lift for once :)

PS as water is in short supply, commandeer the hotel's stock of Michelob and hole up for the duration....repel boarders with the empties and some full-on Scottish invective!
I've been out shopping, but as all public transport and central shops are closed we hired a minibus to the only out of town mall open this morning. It's a tad wet and windy, so just like being back in Scotland.

Michelob? I've got champagne in my room fridge :)


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Dammit woman, cease yer fulish prating - and open it !

All joking apart - I told you that last mile up to the Suribachi monument was a bugger :)

How did Her Madge's Corps get on this year?

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