US marine corp harriers embarked on Illustrious

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dunc0936, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Bit of sky news just now about USMC harriers embarked on Illustrious, part of joint operations/training..... report went on to say that the USMC has more aircraft than than our three services put together and soon the marine corp itself would soon be bigger than our armed forces in total, if this is true then its discussing and perhaps we need a new government to reverse this trend..... Would the Conservative do any better???? Something has to be done to stop this....


  2. We still have the fourth highest defence spending in the world (after the USA, Russia and China and slightly ahead of France and Japan). Makes you wonder where all the money goes.
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    DPA pockets and fcukups
  4. Quite depressingly, on bringing too many Lads back prematurely.
  5. overpromoted makes a good point, Japans navy has double the amount of destroyers and frigates than we have and we are cutting back on ours, bet it would not be happening if we still had hong kong especially with china growing the way they are
  6. In fairness, Dunc, the size of the US Forces in general is massive in comparison to the UK. The USMC is comparable in size generally to the armed forces of the UK because the US is so huge and has, in proportion to its size, huge forces.
  7. 301,139,947 - Population of US
    1.4 Million - US Forces size

    60,776,238 - Population of UK
    429,500 - UK Forces size (inc. Reserve & Volunteer)

    Proportionally, we have bigger forces in comparison to respective population sizes.
  8. ...on propping up homegrown shite when we could, on occasion buy off the shelves from a global marketplace. BAE and Wastelands take note.
  9. You also have to look at the quality vs quantity debate, admittedly the US Armed Forces may be a lot bigger, but when you look at the scenario last year sometime when a TA Infantry Company decimated a force from the 101st Airborne, there are gaps between the effectiveness of the forces.

    Maybe someone with more knowledge of that incident could enlighten us!

  10. I presume that was a pre-season friendly!
  11. was an exercise of course!
  12. It must be hard landing on the tiny limp ships of the RN, sympathies.
  13. Infinitely so, therefore, our lot are the better Jocks.
  14. Ah, glad you're back, USAegit! You're always good for a laugh!

    The ships are not as large as US ones, but then British Pilots don't need massive runways to land on, because they're actually quite well trained.
  15. I'm sure you know plenty about tiny and limp, Walter.